Your spiritual life coach and spiritual business coach.

Get ready to step out of your shadows and into love…

From understanding your angel numbers all the way through to becoming a coach and helping people go beyond their illusions…Glenn and David are here to help you bring the sparkle back into your life.

Glenn will help you find the answers you are looking for and David can help you create a life coaching or healing business so you can have a career helping others.

Please do have fun exploring our site.

Love from
Glenn and David


How can a Spiritual Medium bring a new dimension into your life?


Do you need a spiritual medium to help you receive and send messages to deceased loved ones? Perhaps you are stuck in life and don’t know the best course of action to take?

Through Glenn and his spiritual team you can move your life forward and we usually start off by understanding where you are currently at.

What’s happening in your life right now?
What’s been getting in the way?
How would you like to move forward?

So maybe you just need a reading, or you want to go further and start to unlock the unknown answers in your life? Can you imagine being part of a spiritual enlightment group where you can discover your divine path?

Glenn can help you in so many ways, just reach out to him.


angel number 8

FREE Readings

Every week in my Facebook group I give free live readings, would you like to join?

Take 1 spiritual business coach, add yourself a bit of dertermination and a spoon full of love, and create a wonderful life coaching business…

Are you already steering people into a stronger and safer direction, giving people the best of your experience and wisdom?

If that feels like you, do you already have a career based in coaching?

David Poole helps people become life coaches. Whether you want to coach yourself, friends and family, or you want to turn it into a business, click here for more support.

Since you already have many life skills, it really is easy to get started as a life coach. In the most part of true life coaching, you listen, you understand and you ask questions to help your client move on with their life.

More and more people are turning to life coaches, so you can do this as a business or just to help others for free.

You may already be coaching and a little help finding more clients, so we can help you find all the clients you need, without anything complicated, and you do not have to be a master of sales or marketing.

First of all please click here to go to our page that goes into more detail about helping you find clients.

Whether people are paying you $50 an hour or $5000 a month we know our information will be of great support to you.

If you are thinking “but I don’t want to paid.” That’s fine, it’s your choice and perfectly ok. It’s just that a lot of people are prepared to pay, and that means more people can leave their jobs to have a career as a full time coach.


spiritual business coach

Become a life coach

Take the baby steps to become a life coach and have the most wonderful job you could ask for…

How to find coaching clients

So you are already a coach and you need a regular flow of clients, just click here.

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