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business coach for coaches

It’s not easy to find a great business coach for coaches despite there being 1000s to choose from.
The main problem is every business coach for coaches has their own way.
Don’t you find that contrary to what coaching should be?
Surely business coaching needs to be aligned to you, your values and your clients.

Yes, please do have a browse of the free content we give you.
You see, everything is free here.
We’ll even show you why you might not need a business coach for coaches.

The thing is.
You should only use us if you approve of how we go about helping coaches, and you want that extra hand. You join us when you want the 1-1 help and want to be able to get your questions answered. 

Is it essential to have
a business coach?

If you get a great business coach for coaches, you’ll save money, make money, feel good and meet your aims quicker than you would on your own. They’ll ask you great questions and make sure what you are doing is not only correct, but something you love.

Paying more is not a guarantee for success. Most will charge around $250 an hour, and that can translate to $1000 to $3000 a month depending how much time you buy.

Assuming your expectations are in alignment with the plan your business coach will help you create, you will get a return on investment, and therefore worthwhile.

A really good business coach for coaches will listen to what you believe your issue is, ask you great questions, and then define the micro problems that go towards creating the main issue you identified. 

So a business coach should help you create a clear path to your desired goals, assisting you to overcome the obstacles you’ll find on your journey.

Once you have your business model and strategy and you have the clients you need, you will need to ask the question “what next”?  But if you are coming in from a standing start and you are prepared to take action, then see what you can achieve in your first 100 days. You’ll be surprised with what you can achieve in about 3 months.

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