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Get More Coaching Clients FAST.
Spiritual business coach David Poole helps align your divine life path to client attraction tactics that inspire your world!

You are going to put an end to…

  • Feared based marketing
  • Selling with pain points
  • Having prospects relive their problems

It’s an ugly thing to sell, fear.
From a marketing point of view, we are setting a trap for customers to fall into.
Is that how you want to do business?
Is this the impression you want to create?

How about you find customers coming from a position of 

  • Love
  • Abundance
  • Community

As a coach or healer, you MUST get the foundation of your marketing right. It’s the starting point of anyone meeting and then join you. People don’t want to be beaten over the head with pain points, they need to see a friendly route out of their issues and into the life of their choosing. We can light up their path, but we have to lead the way and it starts with love, abundance and community.

It’s time to stop listening to “Marketing Gurus” and tap into David Poole, Spiritual Business Coach

What we need to look at is very clear.

1. We need a way of marketing our business from a position of universal love
2. And we need a system that helps clients into your coaching business

Get started with our Spiritual Business Coaching Books

You can be a co-author, enhancing your reputation and finding clients that way.

coaching book

The Discovery Call Challenge

Everything you need to know about getting Discovery Calls from committed clients joining your higher priced services.
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spiritual business coaching
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