This is more than having a $10,000 a month salary.


1-1 Business Coaching It's about your successful podcast, your best-selling books, sold out conferences, international retreats and every business dream you have!


What do we offer?
t is more than just 1-1 business coaching.
Together, we will help you create a paid community.
And it’s this community that will become the foundation to your success.
Whether you want to have a successful podcast, best-selling books, earning $10,000 a month, selling your courses or hosting international retreats, everything comes from your community.

Why should a coach who enjoys 1-1 coaching start to offer group coaching and support in a paid community?
It’s a great question to ask, and the simple answer is this. Imagine having a focus group to help you market your business, where you can test ideas, develop your services, and get paid for it.
Right now most coaches run out into social media telling the world they have a course, or can offer one to one coaching, but that approach has problems.

1. You need to be good at marketing and that doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a combination of strategy and experience, and experience takes time, so a lot of coaches fail.

2. Selling. You need to courage to sell. Your reputation and service is on the line, everything is at stake, coaches know it, and usually crumble when it comes to selling.

Do you need to sell when you want people to join a paid community?
For the moment can you just pretend you need a coach to help you write better adverts. 
And I said to you, “Do you know any coaches who might want more customers from being able to write better adverts? I have this $1 a day group, it’s a lot of fun and our clients get results, do you know anyone who could be interested?” 

You are interested- right?
So you are going to ask for more details.
And after I have given you the details, I’m going to say this one thing.
“Do you want to give it a try?”

These people then join your group, and that’s where the magic starts…
You are now in my $1 a day group and enjoying it.
Over the course of a few hours, you get to know me, you like my content and you ask the big question. “David, do you do 1-1 coaching?”

You didn’t need any special marketing skills or a blackbelt in salesmanship to get asked that question. You built a relationship based on your expertise and the client creating a higher level of trust.

So what if you did this for a year?
You go out and have a casual conversation with 1 person a day.
Half join, and 10% of those who join end up getting another person to join.
You’ll probably grow at a rate of around 15 to 20 a month.

Fast forward this a 3 or 4 months and you have 50 people in your group, it’s a nice $1500 a month, and you have probably also got somewhere between 5 and 15 clients buying into your one to one coaching or other premium priced products. 

10 clients, all paying you, say $850 a month for your 1-1 coaching, you may charge a little less or a lot more, but those fees along with your $1500 from the 50 subscribers, bring you in a very  nice sum of $10,000 a month.

The story of the 2 bulls
Have you heard it? 
2 bulls in a field and they come across a heard of cows.
The younger bull says to the older bull, let’s run over there as fast as we can and find a cow.
The older bull says, let’s take our time, and we’ll be able to make love with all of them.
I bet you didn’t expect that story on a business coaching website!!!

Here’s the moral.
You can run out into Facebook etc. and continue thrashing around looking for clients and continue with not getting too far, you’ll have a win here and there.
Or you can build a group offering support at $1 a day, or the lowest amount your audience will deem as being acceptable, and grow a fabulous coaching business.

Month 1

You will work with David and Rob to set up your paid community, you will charge $1 a day…trust us, it works great and answers all of your growth targets.
We will work on

 – Who is your audience?
– What is the 1 transformation?
– Defining your daily transformational activities to support your clients.
– Creating a question you can ask anyone to help you find more clients.
– Defining your client journey from $1 a day into your premium services.

This make take 5 or 6 sessions to get this right.
We don’t mind.
You will also have access to our group training modules (detailed below)

Month 2
You have defined your new service, have spoken with interested people, and have several clients all paying $1 a day. It’s these clients who are becoming your premium clients buying into your higher paid services.
They have developed a trust and created a relationship with you, they now need more and you are their preferred choice.

You’ll continue speaking with Rob or David, but you’ll find you only probably need us for just one session a month. Of course you’ll still have access to our group sessions where we continue your growth and you will graduate into our Business Owners group. It’s a private group on Whatsapp for our experienced coaches/trainers/consultants, giving you 24/7 access to our community.

Moving forward into month 3 and beyond.
David and Rob will continue to be your coaches, giving you the best guidance, providing you with the support you need to grow your business even more.

Summary of what you ought to be earning based on a $100 an hour coaching business.
33 clients gives you $1000 a month as a recurring monthly revenue.
And your diary starts to fill, let’s assume you have 2 coaching clients a day, that’s an extra $5000 a month, and that’s with a very reasonable priced coaching service. 

Why should you work with David and Rob and create this service for your clients?

1. It’s very easy to find clients
2. You create a monthly recurring income
3. We have a very low ROI
4. You increase your impact 
5. No selling is required, even for your higher priced services, you have their trust!
6. The community starts to find you clients
7. You only need 5 to 10 minutes a day delivering content to your group
8. Yes, you can start today!

Our Group Sessions
The regular times for the group sessions are.
If you can’t make them, it’s ok we record them for you.

8pm UK, 3pm EST, 12pm PST

2pm UK, 9am EST, 6am PST


Who is this for?

For coaches, healers and consultants who don’t want to be salespeople. They want to create a big impact on the world, have a desirable income and want to spend most of their time coaching.

If you are short on time because you are working a regular 9-5, it’s perfect for you.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further, or you can also send David a friend request by clicking here. And you can contact Rob by clicking here.

by Going Beyond The Illusion

by Going Beyond The Illusion

“Together, bringing people and communities together from a heart-felt perspective and inspire them to see beyond the illusion with a can-do attitude” (Channelled from David's angel)

It's how coaches build a $10,000-a-month income without being a salesperson....

100% Original FREE Training.
It replaces what every other business coach has been copying

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