5 Signs You’re a COACHING Expert

5 Signs You're a COACHING Expert

The 5 signs you’re a coaching expert.

It is no secret that being a good coach is a job. It’s not something you can become overnight, and it’s not something you can fake your way through. You need to be able to truly understand the needs of both yourself and your client in order for coaching to work for everyone involved.

Coaches have the ability to change lives with their words, actions, and presence. They are there for people when they’re at their lowest points, as well as when they are celebrating victories! If you feel like you have what it takes to help others live an empowered life then read on! Here are 5 signs that will tell if you’re the coaching expert, and how to be the expert.

You are being recommended by former clients

When you’re a COACHING expert, you find clients through referrals. Client referrals are the best form of advertising because they come from actual clients who have had a positive experience with your coaching services. You may be wondering how to generate client referrals for your business. Here are some ideas:

  • Ask for them! At the end of every session, ask your client if he or she would be willing to refer you. You can even create an online survey in SurveyMonkey or Google forms where clients will sign up their colleagues after each session and post their contact information so that you can follow-up with them directly (this is an especially great way to build up your coaching community).
  • Ask former clients what other people he or she knows who might benefit from working with you as well. Once someone has worked with me, I always make sure that he/she refers me whenever possible—and I do my part too! For example, when someone asks me if they should hire another coach like myself (or some other type), I almost always say “yes” because it gives me another opportunity for new business without having invested any more time into making these connections myself.
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    This concludes the 1st sign of: 5 Signs You’re a COACHING Expert

You are being paid to speak

Speaking is a great way to make money. You don’t have to be a professional speaker, though if you are, that’s awesome. You can still speak and make money! You just need to be comfortable talking in front of others and know your stuff inside out. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more people will want to listen when you talk about something they’re interested in learning more about.

If speaking is part of your business already – for example as an entrepreneur or author – then it’s even better because then you’ll have actual content for each talk (and probably several). This means one presentation lasts longer than five minutes so there’s less pressure on remembering everything at once when presenting live (as opposed to being recorded). Also having an outline makes things easier for everyone involved: speakers don’t have time constraints so they can take their time explaining concepts; audiences are able to follow along without getting lost anywhere along the way (especially important when dealing with complex topics like data science!). Speaking isn’t just beneficial for those giving presentations; those listening will also benefit greatly from hearing someone else explain something they’ve been struggling with themselves.”

This concludes the 2nd sign of: 5 Signs You’re a COACHING Expert

Your social media posts are being shared

When you share your knowledge, experiences and success with others on social media, it will be shared as well. This is a great way to get your message out there and share your expertise with the world.

You can also use social media to promote yourself as an expert by sharing images that show you in a professional light. If you have written articles or created videos that show off how knowledgeable you are in the field of coaching then share these posts on different platforms like Facebook and Twitter so people will see them.

This can help people see how much knowledge and experience you have gained over time which will make them think “If this person has all this information about coaching then maybe I should go talk to them about my problems?”

This concludes the 3rd sign of: 5 Signs You’re a COACHING Expert

You have a best-selling book

It’s no secret that the first step to becoming a COACHING expert is to write a book. In fact, it’s not only important but also necessary to have a best-selling book if you want your business to thrive and grow. But what makes a book “best-selling”? And how do you know when yours is one?

The answer lies in the difference between books that sell well and those that don’t—or at least, it does for me. When I look at my own works, I see how different they are from those of other authors who aren’t as successful as me; the most noticeable difference between us is their lack of books! Even though some people may think this isn’t true (because there are lots of authors with multiple titles out), most people haven’t written anything besides academic papers or journal articles like me (I’m talking about myself here). So when we look at someone like Tim Ferriss who has published several titles under his name alone (not including books published by his company), we know he’s doing something right—and many others agree with me too!

This concludes the 4th sign of: 5 Signs You’re a COACHING Expert

You do not need to pay for advertising

You can get a lot of free publicity. Here are some examples:

  • Recommendations from former clients
  • Speaking engagements at conferences and events (especially if you can get paid for them)
  • Writing a best-selling book or article that people talk about, share, and reference often
  • Create your own platform where other coaches come together to connect, learn and growThis concludes the 5th sign of: 5 Signs You’re a COACHING Expert

So what are your thoughts?
Have you got to go out and brush up on a few things?
Or is it time to light your cigar?

Have a great time in your coaching business 🙂



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