A Marketing Plan For Coaches

A brief marketing plan for coaches, anyone can do this, and it’s going to take you much closer to your goals.

So let’s drop out of the stress, stop fretting over technicalities and step into the hearts of your futures clients.

I’ll include a few personal answers to help you write yours

Are you ready?
Let’s Go.

1. What is it you are offering or want to offer?

So the thing I do is helping coaches set up their business, find clients and make money.

2. How do you do this differently from your competitors?

I definitely rely on my personality and years of experience, I also work with everyone individually, I get to know my clients inside out, I make my business fun, and I offer an experience other business coaches don’t do. Such as being involved in my books, giving you a place to host your own retreat. Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, Sam Ovens etc dont offer that.

3. What’s the exact thing your customer wants for their business?

To have a regular flow of prospects who are committed to their development and have the resources to make an immediate investment.

4. Where do your prospects hang out?

With coaches in can be a variety of places from conferences to certain parts of social media. I tend to stick to Facebook and just a small number of groups.

5. How else can you reach your clients?

From an organic perspective you have social media profiles and groups. There are online and offline conferences. I can reach them through other organisations who have the same audience but offer a different product. Eg a podcast about coaching skills.

I can also use paid ads on Fb, Google, YouTube etc.

6. What are you going to charge?

I make sure there is a very low entry fee for those just starting and without budget. I actually give some free services. But I also have a high end price for my 1-2-1.

7. How does that meet their expectations?

My audience talk, share and live abundance and love. They have big aspirations, love to be inspired but don’t want anything mechanical, they do not want to be treated like a number.
So when they see I offer free services that give a lot of value they can see and feel the love I share.
When they talk with me about my higher priced services, they understand the aspirations they seek and they also see the value in me due to the experience they have had…

8. How do you add value?

I want coaches to start taking value even before they approach me!
Then as they become absorbed and investigate my services, they can see the proposition matches and exceeds their needs. My value takes them on their journey any beyond.

This is only a brief marketing plan.
It left many questions.
And yours will do the same.
That’s OK.

Because you don’t have a crystal ball.
There is no blue print.

You are unique.
You are an individual.
You are here to experience.

And while you are finding a process,
Having a little flexibility will help you to start building your coaching business.