Can we help you sell your coaching course?

We don't want you to pay us to advertise, but you will need to have an affiliate link for us to use on our website...

You will be able to advertise on  our website and group.



Thank you for wanting to be part of our journey, both Glenn and I look forward to putting your business on our website and seeing you promote yourself in the Facebook group


In a moment you are going to fill out a quick questionaire, it will take you less than a minute, but here are some rules for posting your ads in the group.

1. No more than 2 adverts per week


2. The ads cannot be shared into the group as posts from elsewhere, so you are writing fresh content or doing a FB live.

3. You MUST offer at least 1 piece of advice in your ad, which must go at the beginning. ( I'll give you an example below)

4. You MUST include our affiliate link in your ad.



So there you go


1. I gave support and useful help
2. I invited them to learn more
3. I put in my link. 
4. And I added a cool image 

The link I used was my ordinary link, you'll be using the affiliate link you create to regsiter any sales for us.

Thanks for being on board.


"Any sales coming from your affiliate link, I'll pay you a percentage."

Please enter your details.

I'll take you to a quick questionaire, will take you about 1 minuteto complete

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