Angel number 138

Angel number 138

Angel Number 138

If you are seeing angel number 138, your angels want you to know its true meaning to you and why you should pay attention…


The Origin of Numerology/Angel Numbers:


Numerology, or the spiritual and deeper meaning of numbers, originates from far before our time. The greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, widely known for his trigonometric formulas, was one of the first to explore this. This ancient science can be used to explain some of the numbers we see repeatedly in life.


Why do Angel Numbers matter?

Have you ever seen the clock read 11:11, or paused a video at a timestamp of exactly 3:33? These are all examples of synchronicity, and 138 is a very special number that does not escape this rule…

Unpacking The Angel Number 138:

138 is composed of three digits: 1, 3, and 8. This seems obvious but is extremely significant. 1 is the first number, and symbolises the beginning, as well as authority. This is why people with a life path number of one often tend to enter leadership positions in their career, or become successful entrepreneurs. The number 3 often is a sign of change, but also of creativity and liveliness, which is why in the tarot, the ‘Three of Cups’ symbolises joviality and friendship. The number 8 is a symbol for ambition and empowerment, but most importantly, balance. This is why the infinity sign and the number eight both share a symbol, as the loop signifies universal balance and connection.

Angel number 138

Adding up Angel Number 138:

Also, we cannot ignore that if we add 1+3+8, we get 12, and that if we add 1+2, we get 3. This is once again, an angelic message of change. There are two threes in 138, the three we see in the middle, and the three we get from adding all of the digits together. 33 is a master number, meaning that its digits cannot be added together. It is a symbol of balance, as it is the sum of the two other master numbers (11 and 22), and also a symbol of creativity and communication.

What does 138 mean?

Putting this all together, we can interpret the angel number 138 to be a sign that you are perhaps feeling unfulfilled in your career, or that you feel powerless, and that it is time to make a change! This means setting new goals and ambitions for yourself, as well as standing up to domineering and negative people in your life. Maybe your romantic relationship is unfulfilling, or your partner doesn’t consider your needs. If so, 138 is a sign that your dynamic needs a drastic change. The bottom line is: 138 is a powerful number, composed of several different angelic messages all coming together to tell you that it is time for you to unlock your inner power and true potential. Remember you can join Glenn each Wednesday for free readings in his Facebook group.


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