Angel Number 9

angel number 9

Angel number 9 is very special, and it’s David Poole who is going to explain its significance…


Angel Number 9 is so important.

If you receive angel number 9, I want to explain to you what the number means to me, because it’s my best way of showing you its importance and how it can positively love your life. The number 9 is the life path number of my angel, a life path number derives from our date of birth, and my angel…well I knew her here on earth as a human. She was my first love and having not seen her for many years, and after learning of her journey into the light she now regularly visits me and helps me with my work and consequently this website. The words I bring here to you come from her through me. I’m truly blessed you are here to uncover what’s got to be said for you…

So when I explain angel number 9, I am asking her directly what she wants me to write for you.

Angel number 9 is uplifting

In this world, we are here to experience life as a human and we should never forget that.  We all have different roles to play and we create a unique perspective no one else can ever quite understand, only appreciate, because it’s our experience and point of view.
When we come to earth we have missions to complete, most of us will think we forget those missions however whether we become awakened or not, things do happen for a reason, just like me falling in love with a beautiful young lady more than 30 years ago.

The missions we are given can be detected in different ways, a very common example are star signs, we all know our star sign and we probably all agree we are quite like our star sign. Angel numbers and life numbers also follow in the same way, they are signposts to who we are and where we are going.

The number 9 is an uplifting number, often shared with people who are consciously aware they are lightworkers, or for people who are lightworkers but don’t yet know it, however, their feelings and activities all lend themselves to goodness and betterment.

Angel Number 9 and Love

While love is easy for you, you have the utmost respect for love and you do not easily throw it around like confetti. Everything is love, but respect for love is understanding, love is not cheap, it has to be considered, cared for, and nurtured. Like a plant, it needs to be loved, allowed to grow, become itself and while it can be isolated and still thrive, it commonly needs to be near others. That does not mean to be surrounded by others.

A plant knows what it is, why it’s here, or you could say “to know its purpose” and so does anyone who is being given the angel number 9.
There are no secrets for you, there are no mysteries.
Yes, you will explore and learn, that’s the human part of you and encourage yourself to do it, but the answers to life already exist within you, they are in your heart.

Angel Number 9 and the answer to life

We all have the answers to life, yes you are being given the angel number 9 and it’s here to remind you, you have special access to your heart. And you also have special access to the understanding we are all the same, we are all uniquely special and therefore collectively unique as a single conscious divided by limitless souls. And you are limitless…

The Limitless Angel Number 9

You have extraordinary energy that people just stand back and fall in love with. You are true beauty, a beacon of light, and what we all are. Any fears you have are of human design, but you know without even needing to dig deep who you are, and who we all are.
In our human design, you are truly capable of anything, limitless. And your capabilities stretch far beyond your activities but delve into the waters of community and society…places you do not see with your own eyes but positively affect through the efforts of other people who have come into contact with you.

Their efforts, work, and words (of those people you meet)  in turn go to the feet of more and more people. Every time a new leaf is turned a new soul finds itself and discovers its meaning. That’s partly your work but don’t take responsibility for this, you won’t do that from an ego point of view but also just to be aware don’t do it from a spiritual point of view because everyone is responsible for their own actions.

Your actions are not just for the present as there is no present just as there is no past or future, there is just “is”. It’s always been this way, we are actors taking in a huge experience human minds can’t understand. So while we should value who we are, we must respect and value what we do not know or cannot feel.

That is closer to the truer understanding of the significance of angel number 9 and what it means to be limitless.

angel number 9

Your power

We all have this power, don’t abuse it, but talk about it and remember the power is love, nothing more but love is everything.

(please note, during sections of this page I was under a strong influence of channeling. My head was loose, it felt and still does feel it was going to fall off. The words just flowed from my fingers to the keyboard, as they are doing now. Indeed, this micro note to you is also a message to say love yourself, trust your instincts and your angels are here to guide you regardless of the number you see. We love you.)

From David and his angel SAP
Love and light



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