angel numbers

Angel Numbers, their meanings

and what they bring into your life

Angel numbers are wonderful gifts, sent with love as a guide to help you live your best life, in your best way. We uncover the spirit number and angel number meanings here for you. 

What are angel number meanings?

Angel numbers are a gift. They can be sometimes referred to as being spirit numbers or psychic numbers and people like you and I, after being given an angel number can reference the angel number meaning so we can decipher the message.

Can you decipher the cryptic message?

Angel numbers can often appear as a cryptic message, but the angel or spirit is not trying to deceive you, it’s just their way of making sure the message is right for you because it’s hard for them to be specific, it takes a significant amount of energy for an angel to communicate with us, so they send us numbers where we can look into the broad meaning of the angel number.

When you are wondering what your angel number meaning is, just sit back and relax, it will come to you. Just feel it, don’t grasp for the number with hope. And it’s often your very first feeling of interpretation that’s right for you. Angel numbers are here for you!

Why are angel numbers cryptic?

It’s not the intention of the angel to by cryptic in terms of the angel wilfully trying to make you guess. Angels are guides, showing us the way, but it’s our life to lead, we have the choice, and that’s why angels take a broad brush approach.

And it’s far easier for angel to present you with a number that has a meaning attached to it already, than to give you the message in full. Imagine there is an instruction manual for life, your teacher will not read the page to you, they’ll give you the page number to read.

And the beauty of angel numbers is you can interpret the message specifically to you. 
Remember angel numbers are an easy way for angels to communicate with you, enjoy them.

Can you be sure the angel numbers are correct?

When we receive angel numbers we have this urge to look for the spirit number or angel number meaning, but we don’t always have to. Just check when you feel it’s the right moment.

I remember waking up at an early time in the morning, I looked at my phone and saw the time, I got out of bed and went into the kitchen and saw the time. It was the same number. Of course I thought to myself is this an angel number, the urgency was there to go and look for the angel number meaning for those angel numbers. I think it was 3:47? So you have the angel numbers 3, 47, and 347. 

But I didn’t look for the angel numbers until the following day. Why? Because of patience and faith, I knew the numbers would bounce back to me if they are a message, and they did – the following morning!  

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