Are you spamming and not knowing?

Are you spamming and not knowing?

Are you spamming without even knowing it, and pushing potential clients away from doing business with you?

As soon as someone thinks your article is spam, you have lost a potential client, and if you are thinking “it’s only 1 person, there are thousands more people my article can discover” it’s a bit of a spammy attitude…sorry.

You see, spam is an action, an intention and a mindset. This article will help you write good content that will lead to finding the right people for your coaching business.



  1. Make sure every article you write has the intention of assisting people, maybe where you can share some light on something, even it is posed as a question. So a question might be, “How do you deal with your child having a meltdown in Walmart?” You may wish to then offer some tips.
  2. Ideally we make time for content, it’s not a last minute thing to throw something into social media in the hope we catch something.
  3. And that means buying in your content, such as “Your yearly content, just click here to buy your 365 magnetic posts”. It’s far from being personal.
  4. Those posts are designed to warm up the algorithm, with the aim of more people seeing your work. However, all what you are doing is helping the algorithm to find people who respond to those type of posts, and not people who have the intention of commenting with a considered reply.
  5. But you might be thinking “David, I have seen people offer out a freebie and 100s have responded.”
  6. When we see posts like that it’s no surprise we want the same. We want to be liked and we want to find potential customers. I’m not saying don’t do it, what I am saying is, tailor it to your ideal target audience who will value it, use it, value you, and take a stronger interest in connecting with you where it can lead to a sale.
  7. The problem with lead magnet type posts is they can attract the wrong audience, who have no buying intention. 
  8. Oh and we (the customer base) all know what a lead magnet is, therefore we know we are going to be sold to, so I am going to grab the freebie and then quickly close down the shutters.
  9. Let’s look at events, they are also a lead magnet right? You want people to join your event, but if you do it the wrong way it simply looks like a trap.


Do you mind if we get to a point where I offer out some tips?
No numbered bullet points this time though lol

Be consistent with your posting.
You need people to see you, not just today, but tomorrow and the day after.
And they need to see the content about the same subject.

Make an effort.
If you do not make an effort, don’t expect anyone to make an effort for you.

Your article is written about the client.
If you are going to write about yourself, do it in a way to empower your audience, they are the ones who must benefit.

Have a lot of good quality content people can access.
This goes back to consistency.
People like to know you are good at what you do, they are seeking guidance in addition to alignment. They want to know they can trust you. Are you the person to follow?

Create a relationship through the content.
The more people read, and I’m referring to all of your content and not just the one article, the stronger the relationship you will create. These people become your customers.

Your aim is to have people wanting to connect with you. It’s those people who will indulge in your content and become buyers.

Analysing types of post, could they be seen as spam?

Sharing your event?
Probably yes. Especially if you just share the link for people to click and read. However, if you write good content and include the event and the link, it will be more appealing and people will see the effort you have put in.

Sharing another person’s event?

It’s perhaps less likely to look like spam than sharing your own event, but there are still a ton of people who are incentivized to share events. Therefore, if we wrap it in good content, it will reduce the potential of being seen as spam.

“I’ve just seen an event for marketing life coach businesses. It’s not for me, but it does look good and I thought I ought to share it. Here’s the link if anyone is interested_________”

Sharing a link?

Link sharing can be really valuable, and again, it’s down to the content that supports the link. “Anyone into horse grooming? I’ve just seen an offer for horse riding lessons and I picked it up myself. Well, it’s for my daughter. Here’s the link if  anyone is interested ________” 

A comment ladder?
They can be fun and genuine.
When we see a lot of people have liked and commented, it gets our attention, we want to join in. I think they are better on your own profile rather in a group you don’t own, and that’s purely a perception thing.

“What’s your favourite business book?”
Could actually generate some really great comments, and it’s one of those where we have to ask ourselves, are we making this spammy?

If you start to DM those people, then yes it’s spam.
However, if you ask people a follow-up question on the post about why it’s their preferred book, it could lead to more top content. 

It’s one of those you need to manage and think through.

Analyising the content of this article

Do I want attention? – Yes.
Do I have the aim of spreading my name and demonstrating my skills? – Yes.
Am I interested in finding buyers? Yes.
Is there a link to my website? – It depends where the article was placed, so yes and no.
Is it spam? – No it’s not, you loved reading it.



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