It's how men start to feel great about their future.

A private Whatsapp community of men stepping out of the gutter and aiming for the stars

WARNING: The modern feminist will not approve of your new you

cameron kellogg

For men who have been used as a check book by their exes and family

Get your life back on track
and become the best version of you...

Mondays - Feel Valued

How to feel valued every day - even when your mind is elsewhere.

How to feel valued every day - even when your mind is elsewhere.


Tuesdays - Find the perfect direction

Create a clear vision to be the best version of you.

Training you to be your own leader where you can trust yourself and achieve happiness.


Wednesday - Wake up happy

Conquer negative thinking and come up with new and exciting ways to improve your happiness and quality of life every single day.

Instead of vacantly staring at the ceiling for two hours.


Thursday - The right people around you

The happiest people find their tribe, formed a community of like-minded people, and surrounded themselves with supportive friends.

Meet and connect with people who actually make you happy.


Friday - Be heard and listened to

The world needs your voice

Find people who want to deeply understand you.


Saturday - Being friends with women

Become a popular and well-liked guy with fun and loving relationships

Without being used as a checkbook


Sunday - Let go of hate

Everything that chews you up

You will set free, and become liberated


How do we do it?

Dear Brother

You’ve been dealt a bad hand, the chips are down and the chances are it’s been like this for years without you knowing it. Somehow, and against all odds you made it. You’ve got this far.

Despite the bad choices, habits, addictions, late nights out, weekends lost, debts not paid, nights slept in your car, living from paycheck to paycheck…you are still here. Your head is above water and you ain’t finished yet – far from it.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 
This is your moment to say yes to all the good possibilities that are going to come your way, and you start by doing something you haven’t done for a long time…

…You are going to help yourself.
It’s not much, just a dollar a day, and even if you are your own worst enemy, you can reward yourself with a dollar a day. 

It’s a chance to move on from the ex.
To let go of the pain, the hurt, the anger and the resentment.
Because that is your prison, it’s what is holding you back.

Join our special group of men who have all walked in your shoes.
We hang out in a private Whatsapp group, and every day I serve you.
I’m not going to preach, or lecture, or tell you what life should or should not be.

We’re on a mission together.
Each day you’ll give yourself a little task, it might just take seconds to complete.
I’ll guide you, and you’ll soon see a glimmer of light.
Your day will become easier, your worries will become smaller.

And together we’ll celebrate the smallest of victories.
You’ll be heard.
And you will grow.

It’s just a dollar a day, there’s no real profit, just pays to run the group you’ll love.
So let’s stand tall, and together you’ll become the man you want to be.

Click the link below to have a quick chat about how to get started.

See you there.
Your friend