Some of our case studies

Case Study – Edward Addison – Weight Loss.

Edward came to us with what he thought was a marketing problem, he’ll tell you know his problem was a lot different.

He had a handful, no more, of 1 to 1 clients, who ere not regular, a session here and a session there. That was September 2022, by May 1st he had 100 clients, and today he hovers around the 250 mark, all paying him every month. So what happened?

Edward is a therapist and he was chasing a marketing problem to solve. He would find new ideas all of the time and nothing would really stick, he stayed in the same place, he was forever searching for clients, and doing everything the marketing gurus tell you to do.

It was literally burning him out.
He tried Facebook groups, paid ads, websites, everything. And worst of all, he could see other people were having success but not him, it gets frustrating.

One of the issues Edward has was his happiness within his business, he found it difficult to be happy.

He also felt lost being on his own.
he has tried different types of business coaches, but the problems he had kept returning.

Today, Edward gets huge results for his clients, he spends very little of his time marketing his business, and is hugely successful. You can meet him here

While he still has a presence of social media to celebrate the success of his clients, all of his new clients just call or text him to join.

Francois Colin

Financial Advisor

With over 20 years of experience and supported by a brokerage was there any room for improvement?

Well, Francois like everyone else wanted to stop selling, wanted to be able to offer the right service for the client and not just suited to their budget and of course to have more clients.

That’s quite a tall order for us considering the number of years he has been in business.

And by the end of the year, Francois had increased his net profits by 71%, his biggest and best year in business ever. 

He anticipates 2024 will see a 200% increase, and all the signs so far demonstrate his goal is very achievable.

Tracy Amweg

Nutrition Coach

Tracy was already coaching when she joined us. She had a full-time job and a part time coaching business with about 7 clients.

Her issues included:-
1. Finding new committed clients.
2. Making room in her life so she could take on more clients.
3. Didn’t like sales.
4. Wanted to remain close to her clients.

In month 1 she soaked everything up.
In month 2, she went to about 15 clients.
She found her feet.
In month 3 – she went to 50 clients, and stopped there.

It’s all she needs.
Well actually that’s not quite true, Tracy also needed a waiting list, so she went out and did that.

What Tracy has is, her system, to suit her and her lifestyle needs, that’s full of clients and list waiting to join.

Not bad for three months work.

William Dickinson

After 3 months of working with us, William took his wife to the far east for a very long vacation because they had the money and the stability. And there they stayed in a luxury environment and a serious wedge of cash flowing into their account every month.

William was already serving 1-1 clients and he was doing fine, the challenge was to backfill with a community of people that was totally scalable, and it had to allow him to travel.

-He built a strong paid community.

-His 1-1 clients now come from his community.

-He doesn’t need to sell to people.

-What William does is at the beginning of the month tells his paid community his 1-1 availability, and those places get snapped up.

Oh, and he has also increased his prices.
he’s doing great.

Most marketing problems are solved in 7 minutes

You are told your issue is a marketing problem

If you need to place a screw in a wall, you do NOT use a hammer.
It may work for some people, but it’s not the right solution.
The same applies to your coaching business.
The real issue faced is a people and strategy problem.

Since you are using a hammer instead of a screwdriver the problem remains.

No need for websites or funnels

You do not require a Facebook group

Wave goodbye to paid adverts

Zero requirement for lead magnets

We invite you to see our road map, nothing more. See if our approach, is the missing piece you are looking for…

Ditching marketing gimmicks, we advocate for a common-sense approach, unveiling our roadmap for all to see. There’s no obligation to purchase – our goal is to transparently illustrate our methods.

It’s a departure from the noise of traditional marketing, as we prioritize authenticity and clarity. Take a genuine look at what makes us unique without the pressure to buy. We believe in offering insight into our journey, fostering trust through openness. In a world saturated with marketing nonsense, we stand by the simplicity of our message, inviting you to explore the essence of our offerings on your terms.