Get your FREE entry in our next book, and have all the PROOF required for clients to line up and join your coaching programs.

And you can also have your very own version of the book cover image, with your name and photo. 


Make your coaching business stand out from the crowd with this once-in-a-life-time opportunity. 


✔ Instant credibility 
✔ Amazing PR opportunity
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✔ Easily able to increase your fees

You MUST prove to your future clients you are the expert to help them overcome their issue.

There are 1000s of good coaches like you trying to help people improve their lives. All successful coaches have 2 things in common. They appear in books and they have lots and lots of credibility. 


You have to match their level, because it's what your customer expects.


If they are going to pay you good money, they need proof you are the right choice.

Being invited as a guest to be in a book is very NEWSWORTHY. 

Everyone you know will be delighted to hear you have been invited to take part in a book. 


You are not "paying your way in", it's an invitation to demonstrate your skills. 


Telling your friends, family, your followers on social media and talking about your appearance will put you and your coaching services in the spotlight, it's fantastic self promotion, without an inflated ego.

How to get involved...

1. You have the option of a FREE page or a small upgrade. If you make a small upgrade you will be given your very own jpg image of the book cover with your name and photo. 


2. After you have chosen FREE or UPGRADE you will be taken to a small form where you are asked the following questions.

- Your name and contact details (website, social media etc)
- Your photo if you wish to include your photo on your page

- What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your life?

- What are your 3 top tips to overcome the obstacle?


This was our last book...

It will be released on Amazon in October 2021.

Over 40 coaches participated.


You can see it has a very professional design. 
Both the headline and the imagery are "head turners" and you can be part of our next book.




84 Talented and Undiscovered Coaches For 2022

This is the working title we are currently using. It's specifically angled to help you BE SEEN as the upcoming coach to watch, and you can use it to get some pretty good PR. And it's going to look great in your social media.

Artists impression of YOUR book

Our professional designer Mark Collins, has provided us with his initial design for our next book, the one you are going to feature in. 


And you can take the option of replacing my name and photo with yours! It could read

"Co-Authored by ________"

Is It Really Free?

Yes, you can take part for free.
However, if you wish to upgrade and receive additional bonuses, you can.


Would you like to have your own personalised book cover? Your name on the front, and your photo? How amazing will it look to your current and future customers?  That's just one thing you receive if you decide to upgrade.


Find a plan that’s right for you.

Honey Bee


  • Up to 200 Words

  • Contact details included

  • Photo on your page included

Bee Hive


  • Up To 300 Words

  • Contact details included

  • Photo on your page included

  • Personalised jpg book cover with your name and photo

  • Your text proof read

Most Popular

Bee Keeper


  • Up To 350 Words

  • Contact details included

  • Photo on your page included

  • Personalised jpg book cover with your name and photo

  • Your text proof read

  • Facebook adverts promoting the book

  • Opportunity to speak at our live launch

What type of coach is this for?

New coaches.
Experienced coaches.
Coaches with courses.
Those who offer group or 1 2 1 training.


Even if you have no writing experience, you can take part and this is something you can be proud of!


What do you get when you upgrade?

In short, this is a book written for you with your name and photo on the front cover of the image we create for you.

To write your own book can take months, if not years. But you will get the instant credibility! And our book will be able to buy in the World's #1 book store, Amazon.

Be the new TALENT for 2022 

This is your unique opportunity to get your name out there in a huge way. 

Yes, you'll be part of a great book.
It's something you'll have for life.
The book will never lose its relevance.
Your future customers will take notice...BIG TIME

Your chance to be recognised as a THOUGHT LEADER

When was the last time you were given an opportunity like this?


Is it going to come around again?
Get in this book.
Go for the option to have your name and photo on the front.
And use it for MASSIVE PR.

Stand out from EVERYONE else

and SAVE $1000s in PR

The title of the book is crucial to you.
This is your opportunity to say "Yes I am a rising star."


You could spend $1000s on PR in an attempt to get any sort of recognition close to this. Or you can join us.

How much time will it take you? 

Probably less than 20 minutes.
You will answer these 2 questions.

1. What is the biggest obstacle you had to overcome in your life?


2. What are your 3 top tips to overcome the obstacle?


That's really easy, isn't it.