Emotional Mastery Coaching by Jenny Hale

Jenny Hale Emotional Mastery

WEBSITE: Jennyhale.org
EMAIL: jenny@jennyhale.org

Professionals and entrepreneurs managing stress, productivity and motivation challenges.

Stress, overwhelm, burnout, and procrastination.

Peace of mind, productivity, creativity and sustainable authentic motivation.

Science-based strategies to manage intense emotions, break recurring patterns, and access authentic motivation.


Jenny Hale has an Honours degree in Psychology, and decades of experience as a coach, trainer and mentor. She supports people in having the relationships they really want – in business and communities, as well as family and romantic relationships. She has identified the fastest ways to break through disempowering lifelong patterns and achieve previously unimaginable results – without doing years of therapy!

After graduating with Honours in Psychology from the University of Sydney, Jenny began her career as a marketing consultant. After gaining experience working for clients such as Qantas, American Express, Diners Club, and top tier professional services firms, she established her own marketing consulting firm.

In working with small to medium enterprises, she quickly discovered that there is no point in delivering more leads to a business if those leads are not converted into sales, or the company can’t deliver the product and collect payment. She expanded her services to include sales consulting, business process improvement, and project management.

After observing many clients struggling to implement changes they knew were necessary, she researched the emotional components of motivation and decision-making and learned skills in executive coaching, team management and leadership, to better support clients in getting results.

She specialized in executive coaching and change management for start-ups, family-run businesses in transition, and partnerships, such as legal practices – business where the quality of interpersonal relationships was critical to the success or failure of the business. At times, she also consulted with publicly-listed companies and government departments on management and leadership skills and coached CEOs and senior executives in a range of industries in multiple countries.

At the same time, she volunteered her skills to a number of community groups, including running workshops and discussion circles on communications skills and relationships.

After gaining an Advanced Diploma in Business Management and a Diploma in Training and Assessment, she spent several years on projects within the Australian vocational education sector, managing the establishment and certification of a new Registered Training Organisation, developing a new Diploma program in business management, and integrating transformational coaching principles into finance and management training programs.

In 2013, she took time out from her corporate career to travel and research the burgeoning fields of mindfulness, traditional transformational practices, plant medicines, and medicine-assisted therapies such as MAPS. Her key focus has been on the integration of insights from peak experiences to create greater creativity, productivity and authenticity in day-to-day living.

She now spends most of her time in Thailand, where she runs retreats and training programs and works one-on-one with individuals and couples. She has particular expertise in recovery from burnout and complex PTSD, including such complications as addictions and auto-immune illnesses.

In 2019, she brought her vocational education skills to bear to develop effective training programs in the emotional skills which are most vital for surviving and thriving in the 21st century – self-awareness, emotional intelligence, emotional regulation, effective decision-making, and communication skills. These programs are now available through online classrooms and a team of coaches around the world.



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