We will help you find more people to coach and heal with your free webpage.

And there is nothing technical for to do, just complete our little questionaire and we will create your webpage and yes it's FREE.
If you have a website already
that's fine and your site will benefit from the backlink we give you.

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2. On the next page you have an opportunity of being on Google. Say Yes or No.
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We are going "All In" to help you get your name out there 



There I was sat at home thinking,

"why don't we share our website so we can all win" so I contacted Glenn and he was in total agreement. (Glenn is my project partner, medium and rock star...he really is a musician, and a great one)


We know our site will be huge, and it would be cool to have loads of coaches and healers benefitting from our website. If we can help you find clients, then awesome!


This is how it works 

1. Enter your details
2. Complete our form

3. We will get back to you


And you'll have your own page like this goingbeyondtheillusion.com/yourname  

Who can take part?

Any coach or healer.

I don't care if you are a competitor, or if we have never spoken before. But you have to live in one of the following places. North America, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand. It's to do with my web servers.


If that's not you, please don't apply as it costs me money to give this free service.



What do you need to do for David and Glenn?

Actually very little .
Your contact details.
A photo or logo if you have one.
And to complete our quick questionaire.

What can you do in return?

So that we can do this for free, we need you to post the webpage link we give you to your social media bios and websites if you have one. 


That helps us to help you and help us all.
So any link on your social media bio, will be your link going to your page we create for you.

How long have I got to do this?

You won't need more than 10 minutes.

We will ask you a few questions as a mini interview, and that will create your content. 

Can you have your social media links on the page?

100% you can and we will ask you for your links.


"I will be delighted to feature on your website, and I will post the link on my website (if you have one) and in my social media bios"

Please enter your details.

Ok so press the submit button and let's get you started!

The next page is about SEO and is a paid optional extra, if you dont' want it, click through to the questionaire.

Seize Your Day 

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The next page is about SEO and is a paid optional extra, if you dont' want it, click through to the questionaire.