Great questions to ask on a discovery call

Great questions to ask on a discovery call

Introducing awesome questions and 1 technique to help you turn discovery calls into paying coaching clients. These are the great questions to ask on a discovery call…

You have worked hard and have a client booked in for a discovery call, it’s exciting as it can be nervous, especially if your persuasive selling skills are not fine tuned. However, I understand a lot of life coaches do not want to be sales people, and that’s ok, I’ll support you on that.

Isn’t it important to make sure your client takes the right path, without any sales tricks? I agree with you. So the questions I share with you put the client first. They will end up seeing their issue in a way they have not seen before, and that will form part of their healing process.

If a prospective client is going to buy from you, they need to check a few things off.

1. Can they be sure you understand them?
2. Do they see a way to move forward with you?
3. Have they found a new level of clarity during their discovery call?
4. Have they started to like and trust you?

First of all, we are going to look at a technique.
Just 3 simple types of question that will help both you and your prospective client.

1. Open questions.
2. Probing questions.
3. Confirmation questions.

Open Questions
Your client comes to you with a problem. As an example, a prospective client may say to me “David, I have trouble finding clients.”

Here is how I might reply.
“Ok, so tell me what has been happening?”
“How have you tried to get clients?”

“How’s this affecting your time?”

Each of the questions is designed for the client to elaborate on, and for me to get more details. Detail is king. The more you understand the client, the more likely you are to win their business.

Probing Questions.
You must dig deep. That is where their real problem resides and how you are going to be worth your weight in gold. 

We will continue with my example of a prospective client stating their trouble with finding clients, and after I asked “How have you tried to find clients?” They reply about posting on social media. Here are a few example probing questions I could ask.

“How many times a week are you posting?”
“Where are you posting?
“What sort of response do you get?”
“How long has this problem existed?”
“What else have you tried?”
“Can I see the work you have been doing?”
“What type of posts give you the best response?”
“What was the reasoning for choosing that content?”

I’m mining.
I am asking all the questions I can to best understand their situation.
And that’s just a selection.
The replies your client gives you is the magic you are looking for. Every reply is likely to be a problem.

Confirmation questions.
We use confirmation questions on discovery calls to check the prospective clients level of understanding, to gain agreement, and to make sure you have things correct.

“So, do you want to continue doing that?”

“Are you ready to make a change?”
“Can you just repeat that for me so I understand you totally?”
“Yes or no, is that what you want to do?”

I usually use confirmation questions to make sure I understand what they mean, and to also get agreements so we can move forward.

So is there a best question to ask on a discovery call?

Yes, the best question you can ask on a discovery call is the one that adds value to your client. There are a ton of great questions to ask, but sticking to open, probing and confirmation questions will help you dig deep, and give you and your client the clarity you both need.

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