Heartset Coaching by Bernadette Bruckner

Heartset Coaching by Bernadette Bruckner

How can people practice heartset?

Do you know the rhythm of your heart? Your heart beat? Or do you only listen to what your busy mind says?

Imagine you are leaning at your favorite tree with closed eyes. Recognizing your breath – breath in and out and breathing slower and slower. Smiling makes you become aware of your heartbeat. Maybe you even give your hands to your heart feeling your beat.

Bumm bumm

Bumm bumm

Your heart talks to you 24/7! Your brain aint!

Who has more power?

With every heartbeat aligned with mum earth, you hear the divine universal particles and energies talking. 8 Hertz.

How simple is that? 8 Hertz.

Bumm bumm

“In the stillness you can hear the universe talking to you through your heart. Follow it and the queendom and kingdom of heaven is perceived here on earth through you.” Bernadette

Be simply you.

No matter what.

Nothing else matters.


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