Heartset Coaching by Bob Kane

Heartset Coaching by Bob Kane

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset has two components.

One is your Definite Purpose.

The place where your passion and fire comes from.  It refers to what gives you joy and satisfaction.   It is that thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, excited for the day and all that is coming your way.  For someone to live a full and satisfying life, their career, vocation, job, etc. should be connected to what gives their heart joy.

The second part is your Dominate Emotional State or how you respond to different situations.  Is our go to emotion, gratitude and joy or is it frustration and sadness?   As with most things in life, we are creatures of habit.  These habits can have a positive or negative impact on our lives.  Two people facing the same situation or challenge can have a completely different emotional response based on their Heartset.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
If we want to make a mindset adjustment / improvement, one would be wise to make sure the heartset is ready to support that change. Consider the individual or group who would like to move in a more challenging direction.

If the emotional state of the individual or group is one of fear, mistrust, pessimism and complacency, they would likely see a new and challenging situation in a very threatening way. There would probably be a very negative attitude and a lack of success.

On the other hand, if the emotional state was one of confidence, trust, optimism and ambition, the chance of success goes up dramatically.  So to answer the question, I do not believe you can make a substantial change in your mindset if you do not have a heartset that will support that growth.

How can people practice heartset?
Heartset has three factors.
One is what God has given us, two is the experiences we have had in life and three are the choices we make.The things that God has put inside of us has already been done and is put there for a reason by One Much Wiser than us.

Seeking God’s Wisdom and Guidance is a key to finding our best path. The experiences of our past have already happened, but we can make decisions about the experiences we are going to move toward.  What we feed our mind has a significant influence on our Emotional State.

We can choose to read positive uplifting books and listen to council from wise individuals who exhibit the qualities we value and would like to emulate.  We can choose to focus on positive emotions and actions that will bring us to a more positive place and state.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
The key is to remember where we came from.  We were created in the Image and Likeness of God. I am not saying that we have all the power that our God does, but He has certainly Blessed us with some Amazing Gifts of Understanding, Wisdom and Ability.  I have long believed that we use a very small percentage of the ability that God has Given us.

I believe it is our responsibility to make the most of the gifts that God has Blessed us with.  For us to begin to tap into our abilities, we must first understand and believe that we have these capabilities. The second key is to develop a heartset that focuses on faith, joy, gratitude, focus and confidence.  With this emotional foundation we can develop the mindset that will allow us to see each challenge as an opportunity and to become all we are capable of being.



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