Heartset Coaching by Claudia Pimentel

Heartset Coaching by Claudia Pimentel

What does heartset mean to you?
There are several meanings that come to my mind when I think about the word heartset.  The 1st would be living and walking in your authentic self through love and light, following your heart and intuition and living with purpose.  Following your intuition and doing what is serving rather than what is expected of you.

The 2nd meaning is Balancing your head and heart, by making sure that you are centered by making choices that are aligned with one’s values and one’s heart desires.  The 3rd is that we need to strive to continue to be fully human when we find ourselves in a world that has become so disconnected from what’s most important.  I believe the world would be a truly better place if everyone was mindful by doing and treating everything and everyone through love and light.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
When you’re able to follow your heart, you’re able to feel and understand the decisions you are making from within.  Your thinking determines a large portion of the results you experience. When you’re able to connect with GOD, he will balance your state of mind. Where your heart does not accept failure, a drive to achieving a goal or objective at all costs, changes your outlook first, then your feelings would no longer overcome you.

How can people practice heartset?

People can practice heart by:

  1. Being able to accept discomfort as a part of life and continue to do what you must do. Most things that cause us discomfort will help us grow. You must have the courage to do what makes you uncomfortable so you’re able to have breakthroughs.
  2. By not taking things personally. It is not always about you. It’s all about how you respond, that is what matters.
  3. Question how you are feeling and search for that feeling inside of you then focus on the feeling that will empower you.
  4. Delivering value to clients and inspiring co-workers and modeling empathy/kindness and caring. Balancing your head and heart, with courage and compassion. This then gives you the ability to be a genuine leader and have authentic power.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
The key to a limitless mindset is having the ability to tap into your feminine and masculine energy and using that to provide you with the motivation to set your mindset.

You must allow yourself to be open to receive new information.

You must believe that you are ready, willing, and able to learn. You will need to find ways to motivate and convince yourself to put your limitless potential to work. Most importantly you must go for it! Go Big or Go Home. We are not meant to be average! Once you reprogram your mind then extraordinary things will begin to happen. Winning Thru Faith!

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