Heartset Coaching by Dana Scranton

Heartset Coaching by Dana Scranton

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset is your state of emotional clarity that grows from imagination and dreams into purpose, identity, and vision.  When imagination and dreams find emotional engagement, desire is born.  Desire sets you on your journey beyond who and where you are: your heartset is your emotional  guide that leads you where your mind cannot.

The heart works in concert with the mind to combine feelings and emotions with thoughts and actions; the result of which is you becoming the person in identity and reality who is capable, worthy and deserving of bringing your purpose and vision to the world.  The journey of life is felt through the heart and seen through the mind.  As a state of being, heartset opens channels of communication with an intelligence beyond our understanding, and sends out the message of desire.  The mind receives the reply, and the seeds of purpose, identity, and vision are planted.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Heartset doesn’t make mindset easier; it makes mindset complete.  Heartset and mindset are different voices in the conversation of life.  The heart speaks that which the mind whispers.  When the heart and mind speak the same message, the Universe opens up with abundant possibilities and illuminates the path of your epic journey from where you are to where you desire to be.

The heart knows the meaning of all that has been filed away in the mind, translating innumerable memories into the language of feelings and emotions.  Listening to the heart makes understanding the mind easier.   The mind imagines and dreams, and the heart listens.  When the heart resonates with the mind, so begins the process of achieving clarity of purpose, identity, and vision from whence evolves your Code of Life and Living, and the plan, enthusiasm, and passion to cross the threshold to the frontier of infinite possibilities.

How can people practice heartset?
The heart speaks to be heard, understood, and believed.  It speaks of the possibilities within you.  It seeks your truth.  Your purpose, identity, and vision are first spoken in the heart and then echoed in the mind.  Reward the heart voice with thoughts and feelings of joy and gratitude.  Acknowledge and respect that which the heart speaks, for it does so from a place you cannot see nor hear: your subconscious mind and the vast intelligence beyond your comprehension.

To practice heartset is to hear and understand the deeper meaning of your feelings and emotions so you can bring the mind into the dialog with clarity and intention.  Being attuned to your heart voice brings greater clarity, enthusiasm, and passion for who you are becoming in your journey to happiness, joy, impact, and fulfillment.  Practicing heartset is about rewarding the cooperation of heart and mind with action and results.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
First, understand what mindset is and is not.  Mindset is not like a closet full of shoes: running shoes, hiking shoes, work shoes, …, no shoes!  Yet, this is the closet in which some find themselves: success mindset, money mindset, health mindset, … no mindset.  These are attitudes, not mindset.  While attitude is a component of mindset, it is not mindset.   In fact, a “growth mindset” or a “fixed mindset” is not really a mindset, either.  These are attitudes.  So, what is mindset?

Mindset is your Life Operating System (LOS) that creates: clarity of vision, identity, purpose, thought, action, and results; facilitates and adapts to change; and promotes growth in all areas of life.  It is your unique Code of Life and Living.  Three keys to an abundant mindset are Clarity, Change, Growth, which are core to your LOS and life of boundless abundance.  Isn’t it time you upgrade your LOS?



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