Heartset Coaching by Danijela Jukic

Heartset Coaching by Danijela Jukic

What does heartset mean to you?

Heartset is a way we allow our emotions to react to certain scenarios. We can sometimes over obsess with things we have our hearts set on. I have heard many times that if you follow your heart there will be pain. I personally believe that  your heartset is vital to your emotional growth.

Being able to focus clearly on your heart means you will steer yourself in the right direction. My beautiful soul of a friend Tom Chenault always says ” Fire your brain and hire your heart”. I love this saying because your mind will overthink and spiral through many old stories that don’t serve you no longer, where your heart only sticks to your self-awareness.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
If we look at a scenario of how we react to children and their laughter, we laugh with them and enjoy their company. We don’t give the mind to even think for a second on what is going on, our heart has taken over and we immediately react.

Heartset focuses on our deep desires and mindset will sometimes challenge our beliefs. If we have our focus on what we truly desire and a path that we design for ourselves to achieve, our mindset will strengthen. The two things that make heartset easier are:
1. Learn to look at life with childlike wonder.
2. When life gets difficult remember number 1.

How can people practice heartset?
Research shows when people begin their day setting their intentions they can dramatically influence their heartset. I have begun a practice for the last 16 months of following the 28-day practice that begins with setting my heartset to give me clear intentions each morning.

Here is what I do, I grab a pen and my journal and I write out 10 blessings each morning. This daily practice has helped a small community I am a part of, avoid medical complications, eliminate migraines, and over $30,000 unexpected income flow into their lives simply by setting their heartset.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?

Life is lived in uncertainty, Seneca said these words over two thousand years ago. The way to live in uncertainty is allowing your heartset to become the focus and in doing so your mindset frees up from thinking the average and ordinary. We now know that mindset is the result of the thoughts that we have.

Thoughts drive our emotions . Many people live in a reactionary state because they are allowing their mindset to be limited and they are not aware of all of the possibilities available to them. Once again research shows that unlimited mindset is based upon allowing our heartset to give guidance and direction.


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