Heartset Coaching by Dave Holloway

Heartset Coaching by Dave Holloway

What does heartset mean to you?

Heartset is the emotional feeling with which you carry out a task, or have a conversation. Your emotional state.

You can carry out a task or have a conversation with any mindset. It doesn’t matter what you’re thinking whilst you are doing something or speaking with someone, you actually have no control over your thoughts.

The quality of the actions you take or the words you speak are not governed by what you’re thinking, but by what you’re feeling, by the emotion you are experiencing whilst carrying out the task or having the conversation.

It’s what you feel, not what you think, that dictates the quality of action and the results you get.

When you have a positive heartset, feeling positive emotions, feeling happy, joyful, loving, then the actions you take and the words you speak will be infused with the energy of the emotion you are experiencing, your heartset.

How can people practice heartset?

The easiest way to practise developing heartset is to choose a positive emotion and to decide to be in that emotional state, that heartset, as often as you can during the day.

There are many positive emotions such as forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, joy, love, patience, tolerance.

Gratitude is a great place to begin.

Look around and notice what you’re grateful for, things or people that are a part of your life that you are grateful for. Notice during the day all the things that you come into contact with that you are grateful for, or simply grateful for their existence and acknowledge them.

After practising living your life from this place, choose another feeling, another emotion and decide to live your life with this feeling in your heart.

Before long you will find yourself spending most of your time in a positive emotional state, this is living with Heartset.

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