Heartset Coaching by Diane Novack

Heartset Coaching by Diane Novack

What does heartset mean to you?
Practicing Heartset living or ‘leading with the heart’ is simple but not always easy.

Many times when we are challenged, Ego steps in to deal with the situation. Ego has been handling our challenges for eons; since we developed the ability to problem solve.

Ego is designed to keep us safe. It quickly assesses the situation, runs through options and chooses the action that makes the most sense and will get us out of trouble.

Living a Heartset life requires we quiet Ego and allow our heart/spirit/soul to lead us.

Allowing Heart to lead can be a scary thought because fear, lack of understanding, wondering what the future will bring, triggers Ego to take over.

How can people practice heartset?

When we practice the act of Heartset thinking and action, we learn how to hear the voice of our Heart, to have faith that we will be taken care of.

How can we do that? What are some steps and actions for that practice?

Take a moment to center yourself and tune into your love center.

Release stale energy by taking a couple deep breaths; breathing down to your toes and pushing all the air out.

Imagine your Heart hearing the question/challenge.

Turn the issue over to Heart, ask it to lead you, notice how you feel and what answers/actions come to mind…THAT is Heartset in action.

As you practice Heartset in your everyday life, you will notice that you automatically go into this state quickly and easily.

Imagine love emanating from your body, mind and spirit.

Love vibration is the highest there is and will change the world starting with you and will ripple out to loved ones, community, city, state, country and world. Picture your love energy encompassing the world…You are now ‘in’ Heartset.


Love, Light and Peace,


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