Heartset Coaching by Donnette Naughton

Heartset Coaching by Donnette Naughton

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset to me means I have made a decision to have my focus on one goal and to pursue this goal until it is attained. I am very passionate about what this goal means to me.

Once I accomplish this goal it means financial freedom for me and my family. I have set my mind, thoughts and energy to complete this goal. I intend to fall in love with myself to discover all that it takes to reach my desired goal. I am emotionally vested in this process to feel happy throughout all the ups and downs. I have decided to become one with the idea by thinking and saying I have accomplished the goal. I have set my heart on this idea that it is now in perfect form and I alway have it.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
I believe that heartset makes mindset easier when you activate love in the process. Love of achieving a particular goal or personal one from your heart is a powerful emotional love. When we focus on the process of love for a thing or goal we are framing our mindset to accept love or joy or that goal. Because your focus is so strong and you can feel it, it allows our mindset to stay on course to achieving it.

I strongly believe because you are pursuing and enjoying the experience towards the goal, you have already shifted your mindset that it can and must be done. Heartset and mindset go together because we need to fall in love and dream of things and mindset is the attitude of having it done.

How can people practice heartset?
Heartset can be practiced through speaking positive words and affirmations. It can be practiced through sitting still and emotionally connecting to the outcome of the desired thing. Mindset can be practiced through reading or listening to audio books or motivational speakers. I practice prayer and worship. I speak in the mirror and declare the goal achieved. I write my desires down on paper and repeat them daily. I like to journal about what I’m grateful for daily. Most importantly, heartset can be practiced by teaching someone how to accomplish what you are seeking.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
The key to a limitless mindset is attitude! This comprises of actions, feelings and thoughts. Your thoughts control your feelings and your feelings control your actions. I would indulge in only positive thoughts so that I can vibrate in a high energy all the time or notice my feelings then check myself on the thoughts that I am having.

Feelings contribute to the actions I will take.

Continue to have great thoughts that will lead to great feelings and then take action.

Thank you for creating a new attitude and a limitless mindset.




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