Heartset Coaching by Dr Lidia Hicks

Heartset Coaching by Dr Lidia Hicks

What does heartset mean to you?
The “mindset” is the new topic in “vogue”. Is it important to have a strong mind-frame? Yes it is, but only if it naturally flows from our “heartset” which is our “frame of heart”.

In my last year of college I encountered God and I learnt that all I have to do is to be grateful and kind and make a better world around me and let things just come to me. My heartset includes all the qualities my mindset had: hard work, ethics, value values etc, but “guided and inspired “ by my Creator.

It’s all about becoming ONE with His Love and trust in His complete guidance. I realized that unless there is a higher call, a higher purpose, none of my projects are worth it. And if they are worth it, then I don’t have to worry about how things are going to happen. I don’t have to lose sleep or be stressed when I work on a project.

Heartset brought me freedom from “doing”  to a state of “being”.

I can share countless “magic encounters” with amazing people that taught me or helped me with my projects . They were guided towards me as there was no possible way I could have planned their appearance in my life. I’ve learnt how to say “no” to many projects that fit perfectly with my mindset but not with my heartset.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Going against our heartset is going against the core of our being! Our goal should be to develop a mindset that flows naturally from our heartset and is never used on its own.

Since I was a little girl I loved to study and be among the top students of any class I’ve attended. At that age, all my decisions were heart-led. I studied only because I loved it, however when I got to highschool I understood that, as an orphan child, the only way to create a new identity for myself was to excel in everything I did, no matter if I liked it or not.

I was firmly convinced that, only if I could get a solid education and I do everything “perfect”, I could succeed in life. This mindset brought me a lot of rewards in school and the respect and admiration from my colleagues and professors, but also serious health issues caused by the stress of overachieving.

When things did not go the way I expected, my mindset told me that I failed, and I had to try even harder next time. After graduating from engineering with honors, I realized that I don’t even like to work as an engineer and my deepest dream since childhood was to be a teacher. I felt it was too late and I tried to ignore my heart’s desire.

Once I understood that I had used my strong mindset to go against my own heart’s desire, I was determined to let God re-arrange my whole entire life.

Human beings are like “water”. We take the shape and form of any vessel (environment) we are placed in. I had to let go of many relationships and social activities that hindered my peace and joy.

Mindset that flows naturally from our heartset is unique to each one of us. It cannot be copied, or learnt from someone else. It comes from our heart-mind connection and it’s more “felt” than “thought”. We just know it is the right thing to do and we cannot go against it.

How can people practice heartset?

The journey of practicing our “heartset” is a long life journey that begins with finding out who we really are, what’s our purpose in this world and creating a connection with our Creator.

Everything we do has to be aligned with our heartset, otherwise our soul is going to feel broken into pieces and we lose sight of who we really are. It’s not easy to put our souls back together but all we have to do is just manifest the desire to happen, because God is going to restore our soul.

So, what’s our role then? It may seem odd but we mostly have to focus on being grateful for every small thing, loving, kind and learning how to release control and  trust the process. Any unexpected turn or stop doesn’t mean a “problem” anymore. They are lessons that we need to further our personal growth.  Our heartset purpose is not just to “have” but to “be”. Material blessings only enhance our character, so when our wealth will manifest, we want to be even more kind, more loving and to value relationships and life even more.

What is the challenge? The challenge is to resist the temptation of taking the control back and trying to fix things by giving into fear, worries or doubts.

What is the solution? Meditating on our true identity, knowing that we are loved and born with a purpose and that everything that comes into our lives is attracted by ourselves and serves us to become the person that we were born to be.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
The key to a limitless mindset is to feel more and think less, to live more and plan less, to trust more and control less, to take leaps of faith and stop trying harder, to expect more and do less and re-invent ourselves daily through personal and spiritual growth.

We are created in the image of God. He created the world just by imagining how He wanted to be and speaking it into existence. We are creators of our destiny as well.

This makes us understand that we are today the result of what we thought 5 year ago  about our future. We will be wise to imagine and assume a better future for ourselves. Practicing silent or guided meditation while visualizing our future as being full of light, health and prosperity, is the key to change our lives. However we have to protect our vision by not allowing fear, doubt and worries to discourage us and make us want to take control again.


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