Heartset Coaching by Edward Addison

Heartset Coaching by Edward Addison

What does heartset mean to you?

Heartset is stepping away from the limiting confines of the left brain, entering into that powerful place beyond limits, guided and driven by love – unconditional positive regard… immersed into the infinite consciousness that men have called God, among other titles. From this place, true healing can take place as gently and easily as taking a deep, calming breath.

The modern world is locked into “mind think”. Logic, not true CARE, calculates the formulae of life. To embrace heartset is to embed the self deeply into that instinctual, unconscious guidance of love rarely seen in 21st Century society.

For one who truly cares, we know that the process does not arrive from deduction and consideration, but instead emerges from deep within. Embracing your heartset is listening to that quiet wordless voice, the whispers from the past, from beyond, allowing intuition to guide and carry the practitioner into harmonious symbiosis with the individual or group with which he or she engages.


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