Heartset Coaching by Emma Petrie

Heartset Coaching by Emma Petrie

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset means leaning into your heart (aka soul) and doing what feels good to you.

When something feels good, it lights up your soul, making you move fast!

So often, people make decisions from their head (aka ego), which is the wrong place to be.

Yes, it might seem like the logical solution, but it tends to be the wrong decision because you’re not listening to your soul.

Our soul already knows the way!

It’s our job to trust and follow our soul path because it is right!

Heartset really is about getting out of your head and into your heart.

How does heartset make mindset easier?

When something comes from the soul, it makes you want to move fast!

It’s like this adrenaline excited feeling that we know we just have to act upon!

The good news is that by moving fast, there is ​less chance of the ego creeping in and experiencing the mind chatter.

The adrenaline feeling overpowers the ego because you can only focus on one thing at a time. When you make a decision from your ego, it usually never works out because your mind ponders over it first before acting upon it.

You see, once that idea/decision has entered your mind, you have around 5 seconds before the fear will kick in. Once the fear kicks in, it will cause you to procrastinate, or you will self sabotage by allowing the ‘mind chatter’ to talk you out of it.

You will have all experienced ‘mind chatter’ at some point.

Here are just a few examples:

” I can’t do that.”

” I am not good enough.”

” I will never be able to be successful!”

” I will fail!”

So, as you can see, our mindset is much stronger when we listen to our souls because we will have already made a quick decision.

How can people practice heartset?

Whenever I am faced with a decision to make, I like to imagine an elevator dropping down into my heart space.

From this space, I can then ask myself, “Does this feel good?”

If the answer is a yes, it’s like my whole body lights up, and it feels flipping amazing!

If the answer is no, I feel like this icky feeling.

I always trust what I am being guided to do and make that decision because it keeps me in alignment.

Sometimes, what you are being guided to do might not make sense, but you just have to trust that in the end, it will.

Remember, your soul already knows the way, so it’s not your job to figure out the what, how, and why.

Imagine a dot to dot; you only see the whole picture once you have connected the last dot. The more you practise heartset, the easier it will become for you because you will learn to connect with yourself.

Tuning into your body helps you build up your trust with yourself and then, in return, you will have more confidence in decision making.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
There isn’t just one quick solution to having a limitless mindset; it takes continuous work.

It’s a little bit like deciding to lose weight; you wouldn’t expect to eat one slice of a cucumber and become 20ibs lighter, would you?

I mean, I do apologise if I have just burst your bubble!

It’s the same when it comes down to your mindset.

So, I have decided to put together my 3C top tips to help you on your way to having a limitless mindset.

  1. Get consciously aware!

Become consciously aware of what thoughts you are having.

A great indicator is taking note of what comes out of your mouth.

  1. Get Curious!

Start to question where your beliefs came from and how they are impacting your life.

  1. Change them!

You can quickly change a belief, and by doing this, you start to unlock your true potential as you are no longer allowing your beliefs to restrict you.

Remember, we were all born into this world with endless opportunities and feeling good enough. The only thing that changed was the beliefs that you created, but you have the power to change them.


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