Heartset Coaching by Fiona Pimentel

Heartset Coaching by Fiona Pimentel

What does heartset mean to you?
“Heartset” means my habitual way of feeling, which determines my feeling about anything. I discovered this when I became a Transformation and Relationship coach and started practising self-transformation exercises. Such as “Connect with 100.” I met so many beautiful people and it changed my heartset.

I grew up in a family where I was the scapegoat and felt unloved. At school the boys in my class hit me daily. Later, boyfriends manipulated me. No wonder that I had relationship problems and depression!

My Couples Therapy training taught me to coach couples. Helping them changed my own relationship. But it was meeting coaches and retreat leaders that transformed my heartset. Suddenly I understood I was surrounded by love and could access this at any time! I learnt to consciously choose my feelings by combining joyous activities with affirming thoughts and words. Now, my clients turn their lives around with this practice.


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