Heartset Coaching by Grace Kostamo

Heartset Coaching by Grace Kostamo

What does heartset mean to you?
To me, heartset is when I can truly be present with who I truly am. It is learning to be, do, have, and even co-create or recreate or rediscover who I truly am from the bottom of my heart.

Heartset to me is the core center of being in the coherent state connection between my soul, gut, and my mind. The heart-gut-brain connection with the heart of my soul is what drives the heart beats of the life-heartset for me. This means, my heart beats for everything that is connected to who I truly am, that is the I AM in me. The truth, love, and purity of my I AM is in the heartset. It is where my “I AM” resides. That’s why setting our intention with a heartset is vital. It is where our hearts beat for us to live this life.

How can people practice heartset?
People can practice heartset by the following:

– Know your biggest and strongest WHY. Because if your WHY reasons are not strong enough to change your mindset to make a quantum lift, you will always go back to the same old habits and never make a real change in you. It always starts with you.

– Lead by example. Empower yourself to lead your life and others by being present with your heart-gut-brain connection with the heart and seat of your soul.

– Let your heart lead you through setting your intention. BE intentional! Remember your biggest WHY. Why you want it, and what is the essence you will become, within “the shift of change” journey for you.

– Be consistent with your heartset shift of change journey. Consistency is key. For that’s where the essence of your I AM resides. Heartset leads to our I AM within us.


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