Heartset Coaching by Jan Christenson

Heartset Coaching by Jan Christenson

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset means, to me, coming from the feeling of the space of your heart.  To come from a loving heart space means you have learnt, or maybe you are learning, to love yourself and so you offer a space to others that is loving and safe.

It is always possible to fall into a space of worry, sadness, despair.  It is just as possible to fall into a space of joy, happiness and love.  It is also possible to fall into any other space available on the spectrum of emotions available to humans.

Every potential of all possibilities is always present.  That is the free will that we have as humans.  It is, with all honesty,  just as easy to fall into an inner space of love and joy as it is to fall into a space of despair and sadness.  So having a heartset of joy, happiness and love is truly a choice.

Your heartset is the way you choose to end up feeling inside, in your heart, as you live your life from one moment to the next moment and the next moment in your life.

If you are paying attention to the thoughts that send you into a hopeless feeling then your heart will feel hopeless and you will have an unhappy heartset.

If you choose thoughts of joy and love then your heartset will be one of happiness and love.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
If the space of your heart is loving then your mindset can be aligned with this loving energy.  Life is always easier when your energy and mindset are in that state of love.

You set your mind to being in this higher consciousness of loving thoughts,  and life becomes more positive as your mindset is more positive and loving.

Everyday when you wake up and put your feet on the floor, you can say to yourself, “It’s going to be a great day full of miracles and love”.  This is a positive mindset that opens your heart to love as your day begins.

Coming from the space of love will always make your mindset easier to set each day and I do think we set our mindset each and everyday.  It’s setting an intention, that’s your mindset.

Coming from a heartset, or heart space of love will always help your mindset.

How can people practice heartset?
People can practice heartset by meditating into peacefulness and feeling the quietness that will always lead to feelings of love.

By inviting the energy of pure love to enter your body and fill your cells with love, you are asking yourself to become more and more love.

It is also helpful to stop being in the feeling of victimhood and to forgive those who seem to have done acts against you. To see yourself as the remarkable spiritual being that you are here, having a human experience.

Become more aware of your heart, focus on it and feel it in a healthy and a loving way.

Consciously take in deep breaths.  As you breathe in deeply, then hold your breath to a count of 5, next exhale and just feel the life force inside of you, the energy and oxygen inside of you and around you.  Know that you are a divine being made of the same energy as the entire Universe is made of.  The energy of you and me makes us capable of doing anything.

We are here to feel joy and happiness and love.  Make that your priority and your heartset will be perfect, always perfect.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
There is really no limit, no end to the possibilities for our lives.  We are made of the form and formlessness of the Universal energy.  We can literally do anything when we have a deep faith in the fact that we are made of the same components as the stars.

We have in us the energy of the Divine, or God, so we have access to all of the wisdom of all times. We are pure love in our essence or at the core of each of us.

We can manifest anything we want by just seeing it in our future.  We are limitless in all ways: just allow your mind to be quiet and access all that is available to you. Everything you could ever need answers to is already inside of you and has always been there. It’s just that no one ever told you this.  You are limitless in all ways.

A limitless mindset becomes accessible to you when you love yourself and make you a huge priority in your life.  You are enough to do and be anything your heart desires.

Be grateful for all that is you and all that is in your life.  When you stop thinking that you will be happy when some specific things happen and see that you are allowed and encouraged to be happy right now, then your mindset is not going to be better in the future, it can be set perfectly right now.  You can be happy and see miracles in your life right now.


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