Heartset Coaching by Jessica Trias

Heartset Coaching by Jessica Trias

What does heartset mean to you?
The heart wants what it wants and if it’s not happy you will have deep regret and sadness set in. When I hear the words Heartset I think about connecting to the gratitude I sit in every day.

In my heart, I keep my family, my passions, my desires and all the things that no one can take away from me. I ask God to open the eyes of my heart, first so that I can see him and second so I can give him what I really want, and pray that he makes my life even better than my wildest dreams.

If my heart was in my brain, I would be living another life of peace and harmony in everything I do and I would meditate on making my heart grow stronger and stronger on everything I love in my life.

For the heart is where we really belong and where we should always be.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
A heartset mindset to me is being honest with my heart and asking it what it really wants. Does the mind need redirecting to the heart?  Change your perspective to love. How can you love yourself more right now? Opening our hearts for guidance and peace. For the heart to be happy we have to listen to it.

Once we listen to our heartbeat then the mind can calm down and the breathing can be even. Then we can decide on what we truly feel is a gut instinct. The heart has a knowing and wants to be heard and valued and loved.

For love to flow through us, we need to connect our heart to love and our mindset to forgive our thoughts of negativity and feed it positive thoughts to repair the heart. Once the mindset knows the heart is in charge then love can flow through you.

How can people practice heartset?
Get quiet, roll your shoulders back and close your eyes. Put one hand on your heart and the other hand on your stomach. Breathe in and hold your breath for 3 seconds and then breathe out asking your heart what do you want and what do you need. Get really really quiet and listen to what comes up for you. Pay attention as you shift from your mind to the space that will tell you everything.

You might not get an answer straight away and that’s ok but you must look out for the way you feel. Has your gut instinct nagged you? Then you know that your heart is set and your mind is made up.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
A limitless mindset is free, it has the freedom to have an adventure and to push past all barriers that were never really there. To be truly limitless, the mindset must be strong and be open to all avenues, paths and suggestions.

The key is to let go of where you think the limit might be. When the mind has no limit to the ideas it can create and flows with more and more positivity, then there is no limit to the positive outcomes it wants to see.

An open mindset has no limits because it is always looking for another open door and another way to venture far and wide. The key is to keep it open and never close the mindset otherwise you are limiting your mind and not using all of its potentials. We always say “sky is the limit”… but what about space? Don’t you want to go past the moon?


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