Heartset Coaching by Karen Locke

Heartset Coaching by Karen Locke

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset controls/decides or emotional reactions to life events. All our feelings are determined by our heartset. The way we use our emotions is heartset. As one matures in their journey, the hope in those emotions becomes clearer and healthier so our adult reactions do not undermine our efforts at a happy content life.

Heartset becomes a part of our being early in life. Over time we learn to trust our hearts and intuition. As children we knew what those feelings meant and we knew in our guts that our intuition was leading us to healthy happy outcomes. As adults we learnt to examine our emotions and look for the logic in them to ensure we do not get hurt. But the truth is our hearts tell the truth. If we pay attention it will not mislead us.

Tune in to your heartset and it will help you create a life you will love. What we feel is what we are, thus, to feel joy and love, it starts in the heart.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Once you start to follow the heart and begin to really understand and listen to your intuition, believing in your guts that what you feel and know is real, then a positive mindset is soon to follow. Once you believe in yourself, believe in your heart as your guide, it will quickly become easy to train your mind. Once the mind and heart start to work together, it will soon become clear you are limitless in your ability to create the life you want.  

How can people practice heartset?
To put it simply, to practice heartset, one must only follow their heart. Do what you want, what you feel with your intuition. The heart  tells you more than what your brain says. As long as you make choices aligned with your values, your heart will lead you in a way your brain could never.

When we follow our hearts we don’t put our minds first.  Decisions  are based on intuition more so than analyzing. Doing this speaks of who we really are and the outcomes are usually very positive.

If your heart is in the right place and you have centered yourself, you will achieve great things. I often coach heart-centered entrepreneurs –  people who are at peace with their purpose – they work aligned with their core values. I find these clients are more satisfied  with their lives than those who follow their brain and do what is expected of them.

Often, people feel those that follow their heart do not have courage but it takes lots of courage to use your heart intelligence, your gut intelligence, to take charge of your life.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
One’s ability to think positive and surround oneself with positive people while being brave enough to accept criticism and feedback, are the basic keys to a limitless mindset.

Really get to know yourself and put the work in to create an attitude that everything is within you and possible, is one of the first steps in limitless mindset.

Motivation is an important key to a limitless mindset. You have to be inspired and motivated to achieve a limitless mindset. Once you’re motivated and completely devoted to achieve a goal and knowing that you can complete that goal, you will achieve a limited mindset.

When my husband died and all I had was a general equivalency degree for high school, I set my mind to achieve a graduate degree. I knew I wanted to achieve academic success to further my goals.  I began working immediately to achieve this goal by listing what I wanted to achieve and then developing a road map to get there. I set my mind to only succeeding. I accepted that it was a 6-year process and embraced the challenge.  In my heart I knew I could get a graduate degree. I knew if I did the work it was possible. I was able to complete the goal in 5 years. My guts help me overcome all the challenges. I have used this method to achieve any goal I set.


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