Heartset Coaching by Katie Cavenagh

Heartset Coaching by Katie Cavenagh

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset is like mindset, but instead of mind-held beliefs, it holds truth, core values, desires, and purpose. Your heartset is what drives you through life with passion and fire, leading you to fulfillment and satisfaction, balance and alignment.

When you discover how to let your heart guide you, your decisions become easier to make, manifestations magically appear, and you become more aligned with what you truly want. Living from the heart, listening to its wisdom, guidance, desires, and putting passion into everything that you do, is only a small part of what heartset really is.

Heartset is all about noticing and following what feels good. What is meant for you will lift you, assist you in expressing yourself, and feel harmonious. Putting out love, letting your passion guide you, and doing so without fear, is what gives heartset its superpower of attraction.

Open your heart to receive all you want.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Knowing what you deeply value makes it easier to align with your beliefs. Often we talk about changing our beliefs at the mind-level, but it’s actually the heartset that needs to be adjusted.

The reason is because it’s not the mind that holds the beliefs, it’s actually the body, which is governed by the “second brain”, aka the heart. When you think of that big goal you’d like to achieve, what do you notice in your body? If there’s any resistance, constriction, tightness, or sensation that isn’t neutral or pure joy, that’s a sign you may not fully believe you can have what you want.

Anchoring in your heartset will give you mind-mastery because your body will tell you what’s out of alignment. From there, just feel it to heal it and your beliefs can (and often will) instantly change. Now the mind can adopt alignment.

How can people practice heartset?
Looking at life through the lens of the heart is the key to creating a new set of beliefs around the way we work and live.

Honoring what you desire, what brings you joy, and following your passion, are ways to tap into and strengthen your heartset. What do you value? What makes life exciting for you? What could you do for hours and hours without getting bored?

Find the things that make you You, and do them. Break through the old mindset that you have to do things a certain way, and live on your terms. Give yourself permission to follow your heart and do what makes you feel good.

Practice patience, compassion, and understanding with yourself and others. Learning to listen and finding a connection helps us all move closer to leading with our hearts rather than the outdated system of the egoic mind.

What is your heart telling you?

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
A limitless mindset means breaking past any beliefs you have about yourself and what you can accomplish. This also extends into the world with seeing opportunities abound and everyone having the power to do whatever they dream.

The key to limitless thinking is adopting the belief that anything is possible, then walking the talk.

It’s you showing up everyday, pushing yourself past what you thought you could do. It’s acting on the pings of inspiration, and it’s being bold enough to take big risks even when there’s no proof of success.

You can stretch past your limitations by…

Expanding past fear

Being friends with the unknown

Expecting miracles

Staying rooted in your dreams

Taking big risks

Believing you can do it

Trusting your intuition

Limitless mindset is what makes businesses selling Ugly Holiday Sweaters or Goat Yoga an actual thing. It says “If I can dream it, I can do it.”

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