Heartset Coaching by Keith Griffis

Heartset Coaching by Keith Griffis

What does heartset mean to you?
I was overweight, depressed, and anxiety ridden. Could I create beautiful things from that state? No. In fact all the training in the world wouldn’t have changed me.

I needed to deeply connect with why I felt this way. What had brought me here, but more importantly, what did I care more about than my current circumstances.

Heartset is a set of beliefs and emotional states that impact your circumstance. If your mindset is the head, heartset is the neck controlling the direction the head points.

The first step to changing your life is to get vulnerable and honest. To begin creating (art, writing, video, music) from a place of love and gratitude. This is because there are only two intentions: fear and love. People can feel your intentions.

When you create from fear you use small worlds and scarcity. Let’s change that.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Heartset is key to unlocking your Million Dollar Story.

Everyone has a story so powerful it can make them a millionaire if harnessed. Our mindset is like a set of tools we tell ourselves. If not grounded in deep belief that it will work, it will become information that won’t create neural connections.

Your mind uses two things to create deep life changing memories:

  1. Strong emotional states (this is why you remember your first kiss, your baby being born, or a terrible trauma of abuse most vividly and in detail).
  2. Content and Context – the memory is layered with the content and context. It is not just about the mindset work, but the surroundings, people, smells, and sights that add context to the experience.

Without the foundational emotional state, you will not be able to internalize and integrate your mindset to affect your self image, or situation.

How can people practice heartset?
The first step in changing your hearset is to quiet your mind and listen to your body. Your body is incredibly intuitive.

For me that starts with meditation. For others, it can be exercise. Regardless of what the method is, your goal is to empty your mind.

You then want to ask yourself “what am I feeling right now”? My good friend Yuki Yoshii, a soul purpose coach, taught me to place cards around my home with the statement WAIT (what am I thinking). And I use a similar method to say ‘What am I feeling?’

Once you become conscious of your thoughts and feelings, you can begin to unpack them and see which ones are holding you back. For those who want to understand these tools more deeply, you can message me at m.me/keithdgriffis and I will send free training to make this practice fast and simple.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
I had a person attack me for an honest mistake. Even after I owned it, they kept coming with anger. I normally would let that experience hold me back. Instead, I approached it with love and tried to understand why.

This led to a profound experience where the universe acted in my interest and now this person and I are bonded, soul friends.

I applied this approach of love to myself and redefined my sense of self-image. That has allowed me to be invited to write books, speak from stage, and work with amazing clients.

It even has allowed me to make millions for my companies, travel the entire world, and most recently, build a movement that you can join at https://Fb.com/TransformationalCoachesSociety

This all started with using LOVE at the core of Everything.


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