Heartset Coaching by Keyla V Cortes

Heartset Coaching by Keyla V Cortes

What does heartset mean to you?
As a Latina woman, I grew up hearing that the power and control of the world was ruled by men and that, for a woman, to be successful in life would be very difficult as she had to think with her head and not with her heart.
Mmmm difficult right? If by nature, we women, involve the heart?

However, as I grew up, I constantly heard that behind a successful man there was a great woman. So my analysis led me to the conclusion that in the equation of success and achieving everything you want, there were two components: mind and heart. Then I understood that you can achieve things with your mind and determination, but when you involve the heartset, you discover that this is the magic ingredient so that all the success that you achieve lasts and is maintained over time and from generation to generation.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
I am very often asked if I am making a decision with my heart or with my mind. So, I stop, think and analyze in order to give an answer. It is there that I realize that when I think with my heart, I have emotions and sensations in some parts of my body and sometimes in my whole body. Sensations such as chicken skin, a smile, tears, chills, butterflies in the stomach, etc. It is those emotions that lead me to visualize what is on my mind and realize how I am going to feel.

It is there where I realize that involving the heart helps the mind to recreate and live an experience that does not yet exist and makes it feel real. Although for a long time I have heard that business and decisions are made with a cold mind, experiences and success stories have shown that the heart is the one that provokes emotions that really connect me with my values, my dreams ​​and with what I am really passionate about, thus causing my mindset to enter in a great world of joy.

How can people practice heartset?
Being part of the Daily Awakening community with Sean G Murphy helped me discover this great empire of the heart. I understood that for the heart to work as clean as possible or in a positive way, the first thing I had to do was heal my heart of all feelings of guilt, forgive me and others, let go the anger, letting go of my past stories that sabotaged all my present and future intentions, truly feeling like I was worthy of great things, detoxing from addiction to constant approval.

For this I began to practice constant gratitude day after day, minute after minute. I began to write my blessings, meditate, keep a journal. I learnt that for my heart to stay in joy, I had to raise my energies and feel in a heightened state, gratitude and love. I began to Love Myself.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
Yourself! The key for me was reconfiguring the way I saw myself and starting to mold myself. So I started loving the person in my mirror. I once heard that your performance reflects your story. So if you don’t like it, change it.

First thing in the morning, feed your brain with positive information and gratitude so that your thinking can be positive and the mental voices that sabotage your strength cannot win. It was like this that I started to think and feel good about myself and now my mindset is becoming limitless.


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