Heartset Coaching by Kristina Bloom

Heartset Coaching by Kristina Bloom

What does heartset mean to you?
As an intuitive, the concept of heartset is tuning into that place inside of ourselves that has the “knowing”. We all have a place of inner knowing, as opposed to the knowledge we gain from sources outside of ourselves. When we operate from the heartset space, we are in alignment with our highest selves. From that perspective we are able to see situations and others more clearly, and to respond with kindness even when we are confronted with harshness. Having our perspective in our hearts allows us to speak our own truth without taking other’s truth from them.

When I do psychic readings for people, I drop my focus into my heart chakra and connect to the other person’s heart chakra in order to access intuitive information for that person. By doing this, I’m able to bypass interference from my brain, which naturally wants to logically solve problems.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Heartset, in alignment with mindset, allows both heart and mind to contribute to the answer to any question. Where the mind relies on facts, or what it perceives to be facts, the heart relies on the pure energy of love. When we are in tune with the love in our hearts, that feeling moves through us allowing the mind to relax and our mindset to reach a higher vibration. When our hearts and minds work together, we make better decisions and live more authentically. Our mindsets are more at peace when we are in our heartsets, therefore more likely to lean away from looking for problems and lean toward resolution and peace.

How can people practice heartset?
My favorite way to practice heartset is using different visualizations to help focus energy to the heart chakra, then to expand love into the world by visualizing love flowing through the heart chakra outwards. Start by sitting or lying down quietly and breathing slowly and deeply, envisioning breath going into each chakra starting with the root. When you have breathed energy into each of the seven main chakras you will feel more open and balanced. Then, focus specifically on the heart chakra. With the next exhale, visualize, or feel, sending love out to the world. Repeat this process until you feel at peace. Afterward, you will go about your business with your energy coming from your heart. That will keep you heart-centered throughout the day and keep you in a heartset. If stress creeps in, upsetting your heartset, take a few minutes and repeat the chakra breathing.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
Boiling it down to one key. That key, for many people, would have to open many doors before reaching and maintaining a limitless mindset. For those who don’t already have a limitless mindset, by virtue of birth or rearing, there are often layers of identifying and correcting/healing the past related to mindset. That’s where heartset initially comes in. Healing of low self-worth issues, including overcoming generational issues, such as addiction or generational poverty. The beginning of that healing is the first door the key must open on the way to a limitless mindset. The next door might be unlearning worthlessness in order to begin feeling worthy. Along the way there are multiple forms of forgiveness, whether toward others or self. Throughout this journey, the heartset is doing the healing so that the heart and mind can reach balance and work together.


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