Heartset Coaching by Kurt Poole

Heartset Coaching by Kurt Poole

How does heartset make mindset easier?
When you’re solid in your core, and you know where you’re going, decisions can be a bit simpler because you aren’t going from one direction to another. Your goals are clearer and building from a solid base, while not easy, isn’t as complicated. So having heartset helps one to not be distracted by all the fleeting and changing ideas.

What is success? Heart fulfillment is a key. I have worked with a number of “successful” people who were far away from what they actually wanted and believed. A little “tweaking” in their thinking and they could excel and prosper even more because they were no longer fighting against themselves. That and some simple business tips helped them go higher and farther.  Sticking with a heartset can keep you from getting so far off course that you forget who you are. Start there, stay there, and build from there.

How can people practice heartset?
Practicing heartset can be foreign at first. Taking the time to disconnect, stop chasing and start letting things be revealed. Then, putting attention to those, so connections can be strengthened. After some time and practice, one begins to recognize what makes their heart sing, brings peace and a sense of right and purpose. Meditation can help in one of its forms.

For me, I practice Tai Chi, exercises for Reticular Activating System, prayer and listening. Propriocentrics and proprio-orientation techniques also can help. And I have learnt to come back to what my center says. A guide is good, but only someone who helps you recognize your heartset and doesn’t sway you to theirs. Often I have helped people who were called or needed to grow into a next chapter. That is almost impossible if you are juggling a mindset that isn’t yours to juggle and it can be disastrous if the guide wants you to go toward their preconceptions.



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