Heartset Coaching by Lakshmi Dev

Heartset Coaching by Lakshmi Dev

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset is a way of living from the guidance of your inner compass of unconditional love and your soul desires to feel fulfilled in life. It’s about being the true version of yourself while following what feels most in alignment for you as you spread your light out into the world. As a human who comes from heartset versus ego, you give yourself the ability to live at your highest potential without limitations.

In this interesting time as a collective it’s clear that we all truly want to live in a way that lights up our hearts. When you give to others generously without expectation, the energy we all live in becomes elevated. Operating from your heartset is a way of healing within that also heals those around us. Reconnect to your divinity as a spiritual being having a human experience and all that limits you dissolves.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Having a positive mindset is obviously powerful when it comes to creating and manifesting the life you desire. However, when you embody the feelings that uplift you, it’s easier to have your mental state align with those positive emotions. It’s as simple as continuously asking yourself throughout the day, “Is this in alignment with my heart’s guidance?”

How can people practice heartset?
Having a daily practice sometimes can feel like an out of reach discipline but once you make it a routine, life flows more effortlessly. I believe in five foundations that bring you into alignment with heartset and therefore lead to mental and emotional well~being. Incorporating these as you also see others from a place of compassion are key to living from heartset.

It’s been scientifically proven that each of these elements have high benefits of lowering stress, easing depression and alleviating anxiety. When you put your priorities for the day together, include these, even if only for a few minutes. Mediation, movement, Mother Nature connection, mindset, and music or mantra, each hold power on their own but together they’re an epic powerhouse.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
Limitless mindset comes from believing, trusting and knowing who you are at a soul level. Again, having a daily practice allows you to see how vast you and the universe are and connects you into the pure potential you were gifted. Each of us were put on this planet on purpose and for a purpose. Following your heartset is the path to your limitless mindset. The more you live as a reflection of unconditional love, the more you receive and less you doubt yourself.

Journaling each day with focus on how blessed you are and what you are calling into your life is potent. Gratitude always feeds your soul and reminds you of what is working for you in life and how much you already have. Being in each moment from a place of pure presence also fuels your limitless mindset.



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