Heartset Coaching by Laurie Herbers

Heartset Coaching by Laurie Herbers

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
Love is the key to a limitless mindset, for love is limitless. Love is an energy with its own frequency that anyone can tune into.

Everything comes from love and, to the mind, love is what powers you to enlarge your vision, to expand into the greatness that is you. Love challenges you to see the bigger picture, to embrace all that you are, even the misperceptions you may have about yourself, for that is what imperfections are.

Imperfections mean you are not seeing yourself clearly, while love sees your entirety. The mind is powerful, but its power lies within the energy of the person to whom it belongs. If your mind is filled with negativity, you will produce a reality filled with negativity, while positivity produces a magical world where all you see is limitless possibilities. Doubt is a destroyer while love is the conduit to expansion of all.



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