Heartset Coaching by Lisa Cobble

Heartset Coaching by Lisa Cobble

How does heartset make mindset easier?
For me, being heart set, means it feels right. Your gut instinct is telling you that the particular thing you are focusing on is right for you. Your head and heart are in tune.

And by being in tune, your mindset aligns and all of a sudden it feels like you can achieve anything. You become so happy your heart swells and you feel like you could burst with happiness. It feels like everything is great in the world and you can win at anything you set your heart and mind to. You feel like a superhero.

And when you feel like this, when the world suddenly becomes rose tinted and all is brilliant, your vibration in the world goes up, you resonate on a higher frequency, your energies become electric. The universe can feel this and it starts to deliver for you, to feed your happiness and to watch you fly high.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
So, with an aligned head and heart, you develop what I call a ‘bulletproof belief’. A thirst to keep achieving every day. A desire to conquer anything in your path. A relentless quest to deliver on your goals, for you and those you love. You start to remove ‘can’t’ from your vocabulary and suddenly your mindset is limitless. You can achieve anything your heart is set on.

The key to having this bulletproof belief, this limitless mindset, is a strong vision. When you have the image of success in your head, and that image becomes so powerful it generates feelings and emotions, you hold that in your heart and push through. Nothing will distract you.

I have enjoyed success with a strong vision, I know how this can work, and I know that everyone deserves to feel like a superhero.



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