Heartset Coaching by Lynley Evans

Heartset Coaching by Lynley Evans

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset determines the emotional patterns and feelings that arise in different situations, it is the structure of the emotional realm.

If we feel motivation when things get more challenging rather than resistance, we will tend to feel happy for progress rather than overwhelm.

So, feel in any situation, the things that are beneficial for you, your happiness, your life, your progress, your success and growth as a person.

Some of the best heartsets are to feel empathy rather than contempt, to feel kindness rather than cruelty, to feel abundance rather than scarcity. Then, to the next level, is to feel courage and assertiveness when things are scary and you need to go out of your comfort zone.

How can people practice heartset?
1. Release the resistance around discomfort.

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable, but most of the things that make you grow are.

  1. Stop taking things personally.

Things just happen, it’s not about you. It’s how you respond that matters.

  1. Question your feelings.

Question your feelings, see if you can feel something that empowers you instead.

  1. Focus on offering more value instead of taking.

We naturally focus on getting more rather than giving. But when you focus on offering more value it’s more rewarding.

  1. Learn the messages each emotion speaks to you.

Listen to what each emotion is trying to tell you, and the feelings that arise within you will be more beneficial.



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