Heartset Coaching by Maree Mackenzie

Heartset Coaching by Maree Mackenzie

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Your brain and heart are in constant communication with each other, and the stronger the connection between your heart and your brain is, the better.

When you’re clear on what your heart wants, it can become easier to shape your thoughts to be more heartfelt.

For example, say there’s a homeless person. Without tuning into their heart, an observer might think: “What a bum. He/she is probably a drug addict or is too lazy to work.” Now if that person dropped into their heart first, they might think instead: “How sad. I feel horrible for anyone who doesn’t have access to clean facilities and shelter.”

It’s a much different response when it comes from the heart. So follow your heart and live your life as heartfelt as possible, while still using your head.


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