Heartset Coaching by Martina Mazdrova

Heartset Coaching by Martina Mazdrova

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset means to me bringing together courage and compassion, fear and love.

It represents to me operating from love, listening, and following our intuition.

Feeling and hearing these little nudges, thoughts that sometimes come very unexpectedly and often, if not always, are the opposite of what our mind tells us.

The pull towards something that may not make sense logically but feels so right in our bodies and our hearts is the guidance deep within.

The heartset is our inner compass.

Every single one of us has the answers within and, deep down, we know and we feel the direction we are being guided towards.

The challenge comes when our mind wants to join the heart party and starts asking for all the how’s and that tends to be the Achilles heel, the disconnect from our heart.

How can people practice heartset?

Slowing down and creating space for connecting with ourselves.

It can look different to each one of us but inevitably we get to cancel the noise outside of us so that we can quiet it within us.

When we get quiet within, start listening and watch the magic happen.

Some ways to practice heartset:

*spending time regularly in nature, without being plugged into any tech

*journaling, ideally daily

*meditation and being in silence

*practice activities that bring you joy and make you feel great


*connected and heartfelt conversations

*random acts of kindness

*being connected and grounded in your vision and your why

No one can do this for you so what would it look like to give yourself permission to stop the hustle, chaos, and slow down?

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

What would it look like to choose you?


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