Heartset Coaching by Natasha N. Mackey

Heartset Coaching by Natasha N. Mackey

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
There is a world of possibility. But sometimes, due to past trauma, limited perception, and lack of experience, people are reticent to pursue anything new and exciting. People definitely are NOT excited about pursuing something that will create a challenge for them.

Most of the successes that I’ve had in my lifetime have come through breaking through the barrier of fear and doing new things that have caused my mindset to shift. Being in the political arena never crossed my mind. But, due to a divine appointment, I was able to win a seat on the Roswell, New Mexico city Council. This was a brand new experience. In my history I’ve never been excited about politics or had any desire to hold a political office.

But, I was able to break outside of my fears and my comfort zone and pursue this position as the first African-American to be elected to the city Council. I believe that one of the key factors to having a limitless mindset is to make sure that you are willing to try new and exciting things.

You have to be able to push aside fear and move forward with courage and strength against all odds. I love to tell people to “do it afraid.” That means move outside of your comfort zone and in spite of you – GO FORTH!  No matter what the “IT” is, you’ll find that exploring and expanding your horizons will cause you to have a paradigm shift for the better.  Oftentimes, you will find that the task you were hesitant to pursue wasn’t that bad after all.

So, I challenge you to expand your mind and pursue endeavors that are outside of your normal purview.  Follow the promptings of the “voice” and do IT afraid.  Write that book, start that business, change careers, go back to school.  Whatever you’ve been feeling led to do, GO FORTH and do it.

There is a world of unlimited possibilities. If you’d like to explore your limitless mindset further, let’s connect on an Empowerment Strategy Session.

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