Heartset Coaching by Nelda L. Gregory

Heartset Coaching by Nelda L. Gregory

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset is setting up your heart to be free of the past and finding your essence as close as possible to the nature of your own true qualities. Heartset is working on yourself to free yourself from past events and to purify yourself from past traumas.

A healed heartset is a heartset able to focus. Have your heart set on the things you really desire and want in life. Getting your heart set on what you really want will free you to find the interior essence of yourself and get your mind set on what your heartset really desires.

How does heartset make mindset easier?

Once you get your heartset on something that you truly want, then you can focus your mind on the things that your heart truly desires. Mindset is the psychological and belief system of the brain. Once you get your heartset purified to the core nature of yourself, to the most important qualities in yourself, you can get your heartset and mindset on what you truly desire.

Your heart will communicate from the heartset to your mindset. The heartset is the emotional part of yourself. Once your heartset is emotionally mature enough to find the value of the true qualities in yourself, you will find the true value of yourself and your heart can communicate that value to your mindset.

How can people practice heartset?
Practicing heartset takes a willingness to want to work on yourself. Focus on learning emotional maturity skills to seek out the best within yourself. Set a vision and define goals you want to achieve. Heartset practice is learning to love and embrace yourself in all of your failures and successes.  Getting your emotions under control, not reacting to things life throws at you.

Practices that I have used to mature in heartset are Prayer, meditation, Bible studies, self help books and positive affirmations.

Practice of heartset is a set of repetitions used on a daily basis to retrain our heartset and mindset to do what we know is good for us to emotionally mature. The heartset practice is to get rid of your old self negative talk and negative ways of thinking to regain a new found freedom within yourself. Heartset practices are to help you to recognize the best in yourself. To do the emotional mature thing you want to do, not what’s expected of you. The good thing is that maladaptive behaviors. Behaviors that we have learnt, such as a habit you pick up from a traumatic event or a habit you pick up from an early age, can be replaced with more productive behaviors by practicing positive heartset daily repetitions.

Make a decision to pick a practice of positive daily practices. Work on your heart set practices daily. Practice these practices for 30 days. Then you will start to see the progress. Your emotions will start to change. Getting our emotions under control will change how we react to the world.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?

It is a valuable set of skills to have when your heartset and mindset are in harmony with one another. When the heartset and the mindset are in harmony there are limitless possibilities to what you can achieve in the mindset. You can get what your heartset truly desires. When the heartset is clear, it makes it easier for the mindset to achieve what you truly want.


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