Heartset Coaching by Paul Gordon

Heartset Coaching by Paul Gordon

How does heartset make mindset easier?

These integrate together and feed each other, one bolstering and galvanizing the other. When connected to heartfelt passion, mindset no longer resides purely in the mind because it is anchored in the larger realm of deeply held belief systems and based within the sphere of Truly Doing Good in this world, this realm, this universe.

Choosing to attach your goods, services, research, concepts and beliefs to “Saving the Universe” liberates you to proudly stand with each and every action you do, whether large or small.

St Therese of Lisieux said this (I encapsulate and transcribe into English here): “Pick up a pin in the name of God and call your day well spent.”

The intention behind the action imbues the action with significance, even if seemingly trivial.

The Heartset/Mindset coupling permits one to stand one’s ground in each and every decision and its repercussions, regardless of external critique and commentary.


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