Heartset Coaching by Rob RC Cardenas

Heartset Coaching by Rob RC Cardenas

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset is your intuition, your “gut feeling”.  Decision making is an analytical process.  If your gut doesn’t “feel it”, you probably are not doing that.  Heartset is your desires, love, and faith.  We hear, “your heart is set on it”, meaning it is something important to you.  It is doing what you love and loving what you do.  It allows us to live our purpose associated with our core values.

Socrates stated “that the heart unites the body”.  Heartset is used in developing a relationship and how much you value the outcome of things.  The emotions we feel come from the heart. The heart is the center from which our emotions come from.  “You want to increase the love from your heart in order that your mind gets on board”, Linda Meredith, certified recovery coach.

How does heartset make mindset easier?

Mindset is our belief system.  It takes time and work to rewire our brain.  Our brain keeps wanting us to be safe.  So it runs off on tangents.  We must practice focus daily to achieve progress.  Many Stoics have indicated the brain as the seat of arousal of all sensations.

Mindset takes the foreground for sure, with words like, intention, will power, persistence.  Our own self-talk can be the most difficult opponent.  Leaders and managers can use their minds but the most powerful part of their brain is the heart.  It is where the real connections are made.  Our emotions are many times more powerful than our thoughts.  If a leader, manager, or salesperson connects first with their heart, and then the mind, they will win.  If we stop our mind from creating our feelings, and we get to choose our Heartset, we will win the day.

How can people practice heartset?
Aristotle said explicitly that, “the touch and taste are evidently connected to the heart.” I’ve had a career involving food and wine.  Hospitality is felt.  It starts with a smile and ends in the heart. I say, “Show your heart and they will open up theirs”.  Heartset is not just providing good customer service, it’s being aware of every magic moment, from the parking lot to the final goodbye.

It’s your heart that connects people. Your mind may allow for a good conversation, but your heart connection, being genuine, honest, open, and real, will allow for a deeper connection and to a second conversation.  The word art is in heart, and like art, it is a practice.  You have to train your emotions.  Exercise your emotional muscle and develop your heartset.  Put your hand over your heart, close your eyes, take a moment and feel the real power within us.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?

A key is to be able to discipline your mind to talk to myself rather than listen to myself.  You can condition yourself to form discipline.  You need to be able to ask better questions.  We think of words like clarity, plan, intention, growth.  I would add a bit of heartset ideals like courage, faith, love, devotion, hope.  Mindset is the concept of what a person believes in themselves.  My mother, Carol, was a Kindergarten and reading recovery teacher, she said her kids naturally tried things and realized that they were still learning.  She made it a safe place to learn.  I recently heard that we were all created as geniuses, and we should remember being a child, with no filters added to our mindset.  We were limitless, and we were told “no” too many times and stopped trying. Surround yourself with positivity and use Gratitude often.

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