Heartset Coaching by Ronda Bird Parker

Heartset Coaching by Ronda Bird Parker

What does heartset mean to you?

A good old book says, where your treasure is there your heart is also.

I believe that your heartset directly reflects what you truly are choosing.

Your heartset is what you treasure most, and could be a negative place that you’re used to or a positive place that your heart draws you to.  Either way, out of your mouth the heart speaks and if your heartset is negative you’ll probably be asking yourself questions constantly about why you haven’t achieved your dreams or why bad things continue to happen to you.

Heartset gives you exactly what you’re asking for and this is why clarity is so critical to understand “where your treasure is” because your heart will follow that thought about emotion, positive or negative. Have you ever wondered why your heart always feels so heavy? Simply put, heartset equals life or death.

How does heartset make mindset easier?

The Holy Spirit dropped on my heart one day the following words – If You Have A HeartBeat, You Have A Purpose.

Your heartset wants you to have your best life and for you and all your dreams to come true.

With a heartset of gratitude and joy you can turn your whole world completely around to begin to step into a positive, abundant and blessed life that God has available for you continuously.

The heart doesn’t get lost on the analytical or logical. It’s why we can all laugh at a baby’s giggles without thinking about it.  The heart wants joy and happiness. A positive heartset will give your mind the courage to believe in yourself again and take the steps to get your brain rewired so that you can have new positive patterns that will be in alignment with your dreams!

How can people practice heartset?

Practicing heartset is simple to do, however it’s simple not to do also.  A morning routine that works will include starting with heartset:

– Upon waking, even before you’re fully conscious, begin to say thank you thank you thank you over and over.

– Write out at least 10 things you’re thankful for and state why you’re grateful for these things.

– Read a morning devotional in your spiritual book and meditate upon the scriptures.

– Pray, simply talk to God and then listen.

– Journal what comes to you during your prayer and meditation on paper so that you solidify these downloads and can reference them later.

Each of these help you with practicing heartset. And also feed your heart and spirit what it needs to maintain your heartset.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?

All things grand in nature have their simplicity in their essence. Limitless mindset for me is simple and easy when I have a constant conversation with the essence of life, for me that is my God.

Taking each thought captive and remaining focused on our dreams and purpose will help us determine if the thoughts we are currently entertaining drives us into our purpose and dreams or further away.

When we allow clarity of mind and remain in a high energy state, we keep a sustained thought of our purpose and dreams.

When we resonate in that energy we are in a limitless mindset!! This is where life is to be lived!!! Taking each thought captive is the door to living in a limitless mindset and fully in our dreams and purpose!!


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