Heartset Coaching by Sandra Pelly

Heartset Coaching by Sandra Pelly

What does heartset mean to you?

Hearts and Minds is what I would like to talk about.

To me it is listening to your intuitive voice within, that soft voice saying you have to take action, just do it.

Sometimes, if we just take a moment to ourselves and sit in quiet doing meditation, we will become connected and open ourselves up by tuning in to what our heart wants and desires.

We all need love and by listening to our hearts and minds in a quiet place, we can find it.

Everyone has something they feel is holding them back, that stops them in their tracks like a giant boulder. If they take the time to actually stop and think what that is, the solution to that problem is right in front of them. It always has been there, you just have to make the decision to take the first step forward.You can always go forward by working to put yourself where you want to be, step by step, everyday. We can never go back to where we were and fall apart but we can go back to the start where we decided to fix this situation and begin again.

You can never fail as long as you keep trying.

A great way to begin is to take the time to rest and listen to your heart and open your mind, have gratitude and give thanks for everything you DO have. If we over do things and become stressed, we lose focus, things become muddled and it can seem like chaos all around us. We have to take a step back, look at everything, put it in order and deal with them according to their importance.

We can see love and beauty all around us in nature. It is in abundance. The trees, the animals, the sky, the rivers, beauty is all around us  – even being able to walk, talk and share a smile with a stranger. We should show gratitude for what we have been given because we are surrounded by Love.

I started one day and found love within myself by being creative and thankful for what I have. I looked inside my heart and found my inner voice telling me I can change my world by being creative. By focusing on building towards a better life for me, I found what I really wanted, I gave myself Love. By doing this I found I could help others. Think of what we HAVE, not what we don’t have. Be grateful and know everyday is a step

forward on your journey. It took time to get where you are and it will take time to get where you want to be, but it will happen. You have already found love, peace and happiness. It is in your destiny and this is your journey towards it.


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