Heartset Coaching by Sean Murphy

Heartset Coaching by Sean Murphy

What does heartset mean to you?
Imagine a majestic retreat, home or Villa you dreamt of or you saw in a movie, and said, “I would love to be there”.  What if the exterior that you saw, when you got to the location, you found out there was nothing on the inside?

It would be confusing and a bit frustrating right?  Well that is life without the proper heartset guiding you. Things look great on the outside, yet on the inside, something significant is missing.

If you understand this feeling, you can now follow the Law you have established. In science there are laws. If an experiment or process can be repeated, it means there are Laws that are working to repeat the experience. You have lived and experienced  your life from your heartset, and done so on multiple occasions. It now means you have established a law in your body and it can be duplicated.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Science has confirmed that the HEART sends more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

Your heart is the most magnificent servant in the universe; it will do all that you wish without resistance.

That includes the thoughts you have. If you’ve ever had one of those –  I KNEW I SHOULD have done “that”…! moment.

That was your heart offering you peace and connection to your dreams, yet your mind talked you out of it. Allowing your heartset to grow, it’s really learning a new language of honoring yourself first, healing yourself first and listening with a higher intent to serve without fear of being let down by others.

With heartset being your initial filter, you experience that stress lowers, focus increases, connections deepen, problems turn into projects and you begin to operate with more energy and consistency

How can people practice heartset?
Friend of mine says If you have a Heartbeat, you have a purpose – Ronda Parker.  When I hear that I understand the best way to live in a heart-centered experience.

When you move into your heart, looking at your responses to questions, or conversations with others,
Ask – Is this a heart-centered response? I can promise you it will feel weird as you begin. This skill of practicing heartset is one of the most important skills that you can learn for yourself.

  1. Journal – become aware of when and what you were doing to be in that state.
  2. List 10 items of gratitude each morning and you will begin to rewire your highest priorities to ones of love and gratitude.

There are many more ideas shared in this book, find those that resonate with you and allow yourself to breathe in Faith and Courage with each breath.

What is the key to a limitless mindset?

Activation of the genes in the body that allow for spontaneous healing will begin to allow you to move into a limitless mindset.  Let me explain in the limited space here. The universe is NOT keeping any of your goals or dreams for herself. She will deliver everything, and I mean everything you desire, right now!

Our limits are set by our programming, and when you can upgrade your hardware, aka your brain, you upgrade your life.

It’s not about stepping into the unlimited, it’s about UNDOING the limits.  Take time to dream bigger, to dream deeper. These actions cause new neural clusters in the brain that expand your increasing possibilities. Nothing is delayed because it’s not ready. The delay is that you are not yet in the appropriate vibratory frequency equal to the vibration of the dream.



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