Heartset Coaching by Sharon Gist

Heartset Coaching by Sharon Gist

What does heartset mean to you?
Heartset allows me to drop into a true clarity of purpose and trust, that was missing when I was operating without that awareness, or heart.

Whether as a teacher; or helping to build a company to $17 billion, or as a Licensed Professional Counselor or network marketer… I always listened to the heart behind the words of my clients and customers to create tremendous success.

Mindset is our mental construct of possibility, often limited by an historical fight or flight response attached to approval.  When the heart governs the mind, we drop into a new sense of belonging, focused on service and positive impact more than accomplishment.

In service to what is highest and best in each of us, I have access to resources and resourcefulness that I fail to appreciate if not actively listening to my heart.

How does heartset make mindset easier?
Heartset gives meaning and value to intentional creation.  We need an idea, then clarity of vision.  Our mindset (and our self talk) is critical to claiming the Vision, the Belief in ourselves and what’s possible.

Our Mind, without the heart, allows the limitations of our personality to take us on a roller coaster ride, taking us down rabbit holes that create angst, judgment and take us off track.

Our heartset keeps us in alignment with our higher purpose, leading us in Gratitude and Love, to follow through on the action steps behind achieving our goals.

Heartset helps us trust that we are moving in the right direction, despite outer circumstances.  Our heart connects us to our true Source and looks beyond setbacks.  

How can people practice heartset?
Here’s a list of 7 practices to tune in and strengthen Heartset.

  1. Gratitude: Deepening Gratitude every day is at the core to living joyfully and building any dream we have.  It is the ultimate state of receivership and key to all the other practices.
  2. Meditation: This can be as simple as consciously taking a breath and paying attention to it.  Meditation allows us to ask better questions, receive better answers and more easily hear one’s heart.
  3. Be Present in the AWE of life. Take a few minutes to be still and pay total attention to everything.  Outdoors, look and listen for the birds, the trees, the sounds, the weather, the thoughts and feelings, saying, “…And I love that.”
  4. Being in service to ourselves and others.
  5. Giving back and giving away at least 10% of what we receive.
  6. Focusing on Vision, Belief, Gratitude and Love.
  7. Using everything—Every Thing—for personal growth and upliftment, as it is intended.

(Please reach out to me if you would like more depth about any of these practices.)

What is the key to a limitless mindset?
The answer to Becoming more, Achieving more, is not about busyness.  Decide what we want, create a clear vision of what it would look and feel like, what the outcome would be.

Using the tools given above, feel into our heartset.  It is then easy to become unstoppable and to remove all doubt.  Vision, Belief, held in constant appreciation, (Gratitude in advance), wrapped in the arms of Love—this is the limitlessness that is our natural state. Our heart tunes in, aligns our values, our visions, belief, gratitude, so that love must prevail and success is inevitable.

Asking questions that take me beyond the known allows for infinite possibility.  From within my heart, there is a deep safety and joy in tapping into infinite intelligence to find solutions.



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